Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
Ives Pool, 7400 Willow St, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
The only public pool in Sonoma County run by a successful Non Profit organization

Private Parties are available all year. Please call to schedule your party. You may rent the pool for a two hour session. The price starts at $100 per hour, depending upon the number of people who attend. The price varies because the number of lifeguards depends upon the number of people in attendance.

Both the large and small pools are open for you, and the bar-b-que pits adjacent to Ives Park can be easily accessed via the side gate. You can have it all!

Bring your own music, towels and food! Have a hot shower after you've dipped and dived.

Please CLICK HERE for a Detailed Brochure .

Private Party Schedule


Best times for private parties:

Summer schedule- Saturday & Sunday- 4:45 and later

Spring & Fall Schedule- Saturday & Sunday- 3:15 and