. Ives Pool, Sebastopol, California
Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
Ives Pool, 7400 Willow St, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
The only public pool in Sonoma County run by a successful Non Profit organization


Program Descriptions:

Ives has SPECIAL RATES programs. If you swim regularly, have a family who swims, or plan to use the pool during the summer you may be able to profit from our special rates. Visit the RATES page to see the various options. There are ten visit passes, senior rates, and special private party rates.

Please use the menu to your left or at the bottom of the page to visit the page for each of our programs. Not all programs have pages in place at this time.

Look out for signs and advertisements for Summer swim lessons.

Check to see if your child's summer day care provider has plans to visit Ives Pool this summer. Call them to find out. Many summer day care, camps and groups visit Ives on a regular basis.


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