Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
Ives Pool, 7400 Willow St, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
The only public pool in Sonoma County run by a successful Non Profit organization
WSCS Board of Directors Ground Rules and Policies
A. How we receive information and give it to the Board:

1.give issue to President in writing (if possible). Issues brought up at a meeting can be put at the end of the agenda.

2. President will disseminate information and develop the agenda.

3. All meetings/conversations dealing with Board business will be reported to all Directors of the Board.

4. At least 2 Directors of the Board will be present at all meetings unless the Board directs differently.

B. Categorize importance of issues and prioritize.

C. Use sub-committees to explore issues and report to the Board.

D. How we arrive at decisions:

1. All discussions will be non-confidential unless agreed in advance to make it

2, Discussions will allow views to be expressed in turn around the table, with every effort made to keep on topic.

3 Decisions will be made through consensus, but need not be unanimous. There will be a vote for the record on each decision.

4. Issues and discussions will be framed as interests, with the goal being to find solutions that fold in dissenting views

5. Deadlines will be established for each issue to be completed.

6. A minimum quorum of 4 Board Directors will be sufficient to conduct Board business.

7. Robert’s Rules will be used to allow for efficient meetings. Each meeting will not go over 2 hours.

E. Responsibilities of Board Directors:

1. Directors will be responsible to the rest of the Board: we will treat each other and the pool community with respect.

2. Directors will express problems with the Board and/or process when those problems arise.

3. Directors will become familiar with the By-Laws and other pertinent document

4. Directors will not take themselves too seriously.

F. Ives/City Contract