Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
Ives Pool, 7400 Willow St, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693
The only public pool in Sonoma County run by a successful Non Profit organization
News Letter Volume 1 No. 3 
November, 2003
Editor: Jeanette Baumgardner
New & Improved
The Deep End
by Tom Hemphill, President WSCS Board of Directors.

I believe Ives Pool can best be described as a work in progress; a gemstone in the giant rock tumbler of life. You pick a metaphor and it will probably be accurate. One thing is for sure: a number of changes are coming to the pool, and we don’t have a clear answer on when they will arrive.

The most important question is when and how is the pool bottom going to be renewed. The City of Sebastopol decided a number of months ago to go ahead with a resurfacing project that would give the pool a clean bill of health for the next 10 years. They set a budget based on the advice of an expert consultant and solicited bids twice. As of October 12, the City has bids from two contractors.† Those bids are being reviewed and clarified and will hopefully be presented to the City Council on October 21.† If the Council approves the contract, work could begin as soon as the first week in November

The second important project is the installation of a solar photovoltaic system at the Pool. Our rebate has been approved by the State and work could begin soon. Currently, we are reassessing the total utility use at the Pool. Two engineers, Paul Larkin and John Rosenbloom, are making rather sophisticated measurements that will allow them to determine ways we can dramatically reduce our electric use. The purpose of this work is to reduce the Pool’s energy use to such a point that the long term viability of a year-round Ives Pool is assured.

This fall also marked the departure of Patti Bedell as Pool Manager of Ives Pool and Head Coach of the Sebastopol Sea Serpents. Patti was an active member of the Ives Pool community for many years and we all wish her the best as she moves out of the area to teach high school biology. Lehla Irwin will assume the duties of SSS Head Coach and the WSCS Board of Directors wishes Lehla all the best.

I am excited to have hired Jackie Pinard as our Interim Pool Manager. Jackie comes to us most recently from Finley Aquatic Center and brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the job. Please drop by the Pool and introduce yourself to Jackie. I know you will be happy you did.

Besides assuring that all pool programs run smoothly, Jackie will be working with Kim Koons in evaluating how to improve the operations at Ives Pool. Kim is an active aqua aerobics swimmer and teacher and comes to us from an extensive management background at OCLI. The Board looks forward to their recommendations.

So, like I said at the beginning of this report, there is much that is up in the air and all that is have the potential to greatly improve Ives Pool. The Board is deeply committed to making improvements in your experience at Ives Pool. Please keep the suggestions and critics coming, check out IVESPOOL.ORG for updates, and swimming at Ives Pool.

Thanks to the generosity of the Deedler family and R.S. Basso Company, spiffy new pool covers were installed this summer. As anyone knows who watched the lifeguards struggle to roll up and unroll the old tattered, water laden covers, new ones were long overdue. Thanks to both of you!

The Sebastopol Public Works Department has cleared the dead ivy and installed new fencing on the brick wall above the pool. Thanks for a job well done!

Superintendent, Rich Emig also deserves our thanks for his efforts on behalf of the re-surfacing of the pool.

Ives Pool Is Open Year Round!
Join the Pool and Join the Fun

**Renewal notices will be mailed soon**
Not joined yet? Please become a member today. Joining Ives Pool entitles you to vote in the Board elections, have a say in making Ives Pool the pool YOU want, and pick up a few goodies along the way.
You may join at the following levels:
$10 (1 FREE swim) _ $25 (3 FREE swims)
_ $50 (choice of 5 FREE swims OR 2004 Sonoma Express Book!)
_ $100 or more (5 FREE swims AND 2004 Sonoma Express Book)

Make checks payable to WSCS.
Mail or return to pool with your name,
address, phone, email to_

P.O. Box 122, Sebastopol, CA

Sebastopol Sea Serpents Swim Team

As we start a new season, the Sebastopol Sea Serpents have had some coaching changes. The team structure has changed a bit. I have accepted the position as head coach of SSS, and we have hired Brian Smith as our new Age-Group coach.

As many of you know, Patti Bedell is no longer coaching with SSS. Although she wanted very much to stay with SSS, it became obvious to her that a change of scenery was necessary. Under her leadership, enrollment flourished increasing team membership to more than it's been in a decade. She will truly be missed and we wish the absolute best in everything that life has to offer.

Record Broken: SSS is a USA swimming team that competes within Pacific Swimming. Last spring, one of our outstanding athletes, David Sallee, broke a Pacific Swimming record in the 200 Backstroke.Pacific Swimming is the second largest of
HYPERLINK "http://www.usa-swimming.org/"
USA Swimming
's 59 regional associations, made up of
HYPERLINK "http://us.f418.mail.yahoo.com/ym/clublist.htm"
more than 100 swim clubs
and more than 12,000 swimmers. While membership is centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the territory also includes the coastal counties from Monterey to the Oregon border, the Stockton-Modesto area of the Central Valley, and the Reno-Carson City-Lake Tahoe area on the California-Nevada border.
Join SSS: The USA Swimming program provides many benefits to young athletes including self-discipline, fitness, good sportsmanship, and time management skills. Competition allows the swimmer to experience success and to learn how to deal with defeat while becoming healthy and physically fit. Through age-group swimming, children gain valuable skills, self-esteem, and a lifetime of friendships. anyone is interested in Sebastopol Sea Serpents, please call our voicemail at 829-SWIM (829-7946). Lehla Iriwn, Head Coach
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