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Meeting Minutes
WSCS Board of Directors
Sept. 19, 2005
Palm Drive Hospital

6:30 Meeting Called to order by President Tom Hemphill
In attendance:
Board Members: Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Lynn Deedler, Virginia Porter, Roger Klein,
Past President: Tom Hemphill
Pool Manager: Ricardo Freitas
Public: Cindy Holland

Election of Officers
The Board elected the following officers: Pres. Virginia Porter, Vice Pres. Lynn Deedler, Treas. Alan Siegle, Secretary, Roger Klein

Review and approval of August, 2005 Minutes
Alan moved to approve the minutes as submitted, Eric seconded the motion. Motion was passed unanimously.

Public Comment
Cindy Holland, a member of the Ives community whose children use the pool regularly had several points to bring to the board about past swim lessons and life guard coverage, and the use of flotation devices. Virginia was authorized to look into the matter of past swim lessons and act on behalf of the board to resolve the matter The rule about flotation devices was explained that for safety reason, especially not giving a false sense of security to new swimmers, and that no other public facility offers that option. Ms. Holland stated she was concerned that lifeguards might be spread too thin if they had duties other than observing swimmer. While safety for the swimmers is the primary duty for guards, the board felt that the current guard responsibilities were appropriate even though there may be moments when the guards are multitasking.


President's Report-Virginia
Party for staff, volunteers, fireworks crew deemed a success. Tom's musical acts were a unique and well received addition, and the food prepared and offered up was also a hit.
Marketing committee continues to meet.
Lauree of the Sea-Serpents reported the Fireworks generated approximately $8000 for Ives Pool
Treasurer's Report-Alan
Profit and Loss Statement distributed and reviewed.
Admission fees up 12%
Membership Dues down 50% due to the fact the drive is later this year.
Balance sheet shows improved state. Extra available funds will be used to pay down debt.
Pool Manager's Report-Ricardo
Swim lessons off from last year, Ridgeway and Finley also down
Marketing Committee to include outreach effort to Hispanic members
Eric, Ricardo, Leila, Roger to get together in October process the lessons (public and Rotary Learn to Swim) to help plan for next year.
New life guard t-shirts are in.
Handicapped Lift working Used 3-4 times monthly so far. Board will buy the lift and look into long term feasibility of a portable or removable lift.
Only one lane line remains to be repaired/replaced. Ricardo spent 5-6 hours per line to repair them
Handicapped ramp has been upgradedfor the underwater portion of the hardware.
Pool will be closed for one week beginning Nov 7 for repairs.
Lost and found towels donated to the Humane Society
Marketing task force
Membership solicitation brochure will incorporate party pictures into the letter
Grant from Sunrise Rotary received for $460
Consider involvement of Ives pool patrons as active part of the community
Explore lodging industry's advantage of access to our pool.
Round table lunch committee Bill Cole Real Estate, Kim Caruso Comm. Center, Roger Klein Rotary
Charter Schools to be explored
Member letter to contain statement on why being a member is valuable
30 lifetime members and 70 current regular Ives Members
Handicap lift in place, padded for safety, and to be purchased
Non-op heaters to be dealt with by city
Work week to happen Beginning Sun afternoon Nov 7, pool will be closed
Old Business
Eric brought up again the need to make attention grabbing signage to precede schedule changes.
Virginia Porter presented all board members with a top flight, ultra organized, 3 ring binder with graphics that won't quit.
New business
Membership letter to be created including benefits of same
By laws to be defined
Locker room improvements to be outlined for work week and long term by Lynn
Announcements of Schedule changes to get a sandwich board to increase impact
Name change will be added to WCSC to allow account to also service Friends of Ives Pool
Meeting adjourned 8:45
Submitted by Roger Klein, Secretary

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