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SEPT 19, 2006

Call to order at 6:30 Virginia Porter, Pres.; Eric Freitas, Pool Manager; Roger Klein, Sec.; Alan Siegle,Treas.; Eric Fritsch, Member at Large present.

Minutes read and approved with minor correction.

Public comment: John Maciorowski President of Sebastopol Sea Serpents requested consideration of his club placing and using a copier/printer in the office for team use.

Executive Session: Election of officers from the elected Board

Alan Siegle will serve as President, Eric Fritsch, V.P.; Virginia Porter, Treasurer; Roger Klein, Sec.; Lynn Deedler, Member at Large.


1)President Virginia spoke with Keller MacDonald, High School Superintendent regarding fees.

Sent out thank you notes for Member’s Party.

2)Pool manager August a good month as weather warmed up

Web site transition going well

Pool closure went well and needed items were dealt with

Sonoma County Public Health inspection yielded passing marks in all areas.

3) Treasurer

Profit and Loss for year presented. Things continue to go well.

Alan’s research shows that A.G. Edward in town offers excellent money market and C/D rates. Suggestion to maintain operating account at 20-30K and move AHO Trust funds to Money Market acct.

Final discussion yielded a proposal to move entire Capital Acct and all but 30K Operating acct to A/G Edwards Alan and Virginia to be co-signers. Motion by Virginia, 2nd by Roger was unanimously passed.

Eric noted that the financial report would be simplified by separating the janitorial cleaning from the repairs and maintenance.

4) Facilities Report Lynn absent therefore no report

5) Marketing Task Force Jack Lance, Virginia, Ricardo, and Roger met to discuss new considerations for Member’s Party, Solar Donors, outreach and future fundraising efforts.

Old Business

1) Fireworks $6300 in profit realized and very well broken down by the Swaneys.

2) SSS Contract Joe MacIorowski will be getting back to us after the Oct. meeting, and did not anticipate any problems.

3) Insurance Certificates Eric sending out our intent to request Certificate of Liability Insurance to all 4 summer camp groups.

4) Ongoing items:

Policy Manual Discussion of need to update

By-Laws Virginia and Eric to consolidate the several revisions which have taken place over the years.

Solar Donor Plaque Ricardo presented prototype for wall plaque well received by those present. January 31st discussed as deadline to go to members of Chamber of Commerce for contributions. Laura Goldman to be contacted as she had mentioned she would help in this regard.

5) Bath House upgrade. On hold except Alan may run the idea by some architects who may do a little pro-bono evaluation.

6) Investing in C/Ds. Discussed earlier in meeting

7) Web site transition. Webmaster has transferred our site to her server

8) High School fees communication (also dealt with earlier)

New Business

1)Meeting dates Nov/Dec discussed consolidation

2) Evaluation of Party and plans for next year. Next year proposed to be more of an open house with activities over the course of the day, booths, music. Event probably to be moved to June. To be revisited in April.

3)Solar donors and recognition Solar donations to be closed at the end of the year. Board members to make connections with some of the past donors.

4)Member’s campaign theme Latin outreach and scholarships Discussion of approaching Pacific and USA Swimming programs as funding sources. Leyla to pursue and get back to Ricardo.

5)Maintenance it Pool Approval voted to purchase a new lane line to fill in the need as older ones degrade and cannot be recycled.

6)History of Ives Pool discussed future resources for people who have living history experience with the back ground of the pool. Project still just in discussion stages .

Adjournment at 8:50

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