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Draft Minutes

Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 21 September, 2009

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Liza Prunuske, Eric Fritsch. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Members of the Public: Lyn Lemaire, Maren Heinze, Pam Ahart

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm.

 Minutes of 10 August Board meeting were approved.

 Public Comment

  • Lyn Lemaire distributed a page of suggestions and comments to the Board, including thanks for scheduling lap swim early Sunday mornings.

Seating of New Board Member & Election of Officers for New Term.  

  • Liza Prunuske was acknowledged as our newest Board member and welcomed to our ranks.
  • Motion: Eric proposes the following slate as Board officers for the next year: President: Virginia
    Vice President: Eric
    Treasurer: Alan
    Secretary: Liza
    Virginia seconds. All in favor. Motion passes.
  • Alan passes the gavel to Virginia.


 President (Alan)

  • Ricardo & Alan met Liza to orient her to the Board and pool. Virginia gave Liza a Board member binder & Ricardo gave Liza a tour of the facility.
  • Alan reported several meetings with SSS to conclude contract negotiations.
  • Rich Emig, Public Works Superintendent, met with Ricardo to discuss potential work on the facility to be undertaken during the pool closure, slated October 12-18. Discussions ongoing.
  • Alan visited the new pool in Calistoga, which will open this spring, at the invitation of those involved in fundraising for the new pool. Ives Pool is known as a successfully operated small public pool. Alan shared with the group his experience as a member of the Board which oversees pool operations. Alan noted that the group raised over $1.5 million for pool construction, including both grants & private donations.

 Pool Manager

  • Ricardo notes a successful summer season.
  • Website is visited frequently, on average between 20-30 visits/day. Ricardo encourages use of website in preference to overuse of paper.
  • Solar panels have now generated over 135,000 kilowatts of electricity
  • We have sold over 30 annual passes—the most ever.


  • No report this month; Alan will present a report next month.

Old Business

Update on Shower Use Following Aqua Aerobics

  • Ricardo said that he has directed the lifeguards to permit Aqua Aerobic participants to remain in the pool for up to 15 minutes following class to relieve overcrowding in the women’s locker room showers. Maren Heinze and Pam Ahart were pleased to hear of this change in policy and thanked Ricardo for making this accommodation.
  • Maren & Pam suggested that the locker room could be improved by the addition of another bench and row of clothes hooks. They further noted the variability in shower head adequacy and that one was inoperative. Ricardo notes that maintaining the shower heads has been problematic and he has had to replace many.
  • It was observed that numerous classes are very well attended, attracting upwards of 40 participants. The success of these classes reflected the high quality of instruction offered.
  • Ricardo mentioned that he was exploring the possibility of enlarging the women’s locker room to more easily accommodate larger numbers of users.

Outreach & Suggestion Box ( New business item, moved forward in agenda)

  • Virginia noted these additional ideas emerged from our interviews with potential Board candidates this past spring: that Board reports be posted in the locker room; that rules of lap swim etiquette be posted; that the women’s locker room be better maintained.
  • Lyn Lemaire said that she and other pool users desired a space in the locker room(s) that facilitated open communication and interaction with the Board.
  • The Board agrees that a suggestion box is a good idea and that some means of communicating Board news to pool users at the pool is desirable.
  • Eric, Liza and Ricardo will address this issue, and bring forward a proposal to the next Board meeting. Lyn Lemaire will be consulted for her ideas.
  • Ricardo said that he is preparing a sign stating lap swim etiquette: it will be posted soon.
  • Discussion regarding the need for lap swimmers to be cognizant of relative swim speeds, especially when the lanes are crowded. And of the practical difficulties of asking swimmers to switch lanes if necessary to reduce disruption and improve lane flow.

Swim Lessons

  • Swim lesson income 11% lower than last year.
  • Changes to lessons have improved the program and have been well received.
  • Fall lessons very well attended; one additional session has been scheduled. Last session begins Tuesday, 30 September.
  • Liza, whose daughter, Celia, worked at the pool this summer, commends Ricardo for creating a beneficial and rewarding work environment, especially for young people.

SSS Contract

  • Virginia reports that the contract has been signed. The new contract better reflects actual practice and gives the SSS more flexibility in scheduling swim meets at the pool. The contract will continue in force from year to year unless one party notifies the other that it wishes to renegotiate the contract terms.

Locker Room Floor Repair and Pool Mural

  • Lynn notes that he had sent a check of $300 to Brian Shears (per prior Board approval) with our thanks for his maintenance of the landscape flanking the front steps.
  • Lynn said that STS has been unresponsive to our request that they repair the cove during the pool closure in October. Lynn notes that the Contractor State License Board complaint procedure is time consuming and slow to produce results. Alan said that he would ask Rich Emig if the City might intercede on our behalf with STS.
  • Lynn promotes his idea to place a design on the pool bottom. Virginia expresses reservations about the idea. Eric voices similar concerns and suggests that the Board has higher priorities which should be addressed first.
  • Motion: Lynn requests permission to place a small test design on the pool bottom during the closure. The motion fails for lack of a second.


  • Virginia notes that SSS made close to $19,000 from selling fireworks this year. She notes the long hours & hard work of Mike and Beth Swaney in organizing the booth for the SSS. Friends of Ives Pool earned a small fraction of that total: $850, which is consistent with our decision as a Board that we would not mount a large effort to recruit volunteers.
  • Liza notes that many in the Aqua Aerobics classes who have volunteered at the booth in years past have expressed concern with the fire hazard that home fireworks present in our dry summer environment.

New Business

CD Reinvestment

  • Motion: Alan moves that we invest $40,000 from our operating account to a short term 1 year CD with Charles Schwab Eric seconds. All in favor. Motion passes.
  • Motion: Alan moves that we reinvest a 6 month CD that is nearing maturity for a similar term. Eric seconds. All in favor. Motion passes.
  • Motion: Eric moves that the Board grant the Treasurer, in consultation with the President, the authority to renew CD’s as they mature unless otherwise directed by the Board. Liza seconds. All in favor. Motion passes.

Pool Closure Plan

  • Ricardo reports that the City will repair the fractured concrete upper deck near the lawn area.
  • Board discusses the necessity of repairing the upper wall above the women’s shower area.
  • Eric reports that Paul Larkin was of the opinion that the installation of an exhaust fan may satisfactorily reduce moisture levels in the bathhouse and be less costly to operate than a dehumidifier.
  • Lynn urges that we repaint as much of the locker rooms as is practicable while the pool is closed.
  • Alan will check with the City regarding work it is willing to perform to address the moisture-related problems in the women’s locker room
  • Motion: Lynn moves that the Board authorize the expenditure of up to $7,500 to contract for the installation of an exhaust fan, for the repair of the moisture-damaged walls and to repaint as necessary. Liza seconds. All in favor. Motion passes.
  • Eric agrees to co-ordinate with Alan, Ricardo, and the City and to solicit bids from licensed contractors for the work specified in the motion above.


  • With regard to the late hour, Alan asks that we postpone a discussion of the 2010 budget & Board policy regarding financial reserves until next meeting.

Next Meeting: Monday, 19 October 2009, 6pm at City Hall

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm Executive session followed

Respectfully submitted, Eric Fritsch, Secretary