Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693


WSCS Board of Director’s Meeting

Minutes 9-12-07

Alan Siegle, Pres.; Roger Klein, Sec.; Virginia Porter, V.P.; Ricardo Freitas, Pool Mgr. Present

Minutes of Aug 13 meeting read and approved

Nominations for offices

Following newly elected and standing board members were nominated and approved by unanimous vote to serve in the following capacities:

Alan Siegle to return as President

Virginia Porter Vice President

Roger Klein Treasurer

Eric Fritsch Secretary

Lynn Deedler Facilities

President’s Report

Aqua aerobics members petitioned to have Monday/Wed night sessions. Tuesdays nights were offered and accepted as an alternative. Several sessions already have been held and attendance has been very good.

Bathhouse- see old business

Pool Manager’s Report

Ricardo has had several meetings with Alan

A new lane line has arrived and been installed

Several meetings with contractors for resurfacing the floors have taken place.

Treasurer’s Report

August was a good month

Income less expenses are ahead of last year


Idea of using a suggestion box has been delayed until after the scheduled refurbishment.

Old Business

Bathhouse Upgrade - Ventilation/heating system upgrade costs will be shouldered by the City.

Flooring- 2 different contractors have made proposals. Concrete which is stained and sealed is considered to be a good consideration. Closure will be Nov 5-10th.

High School Agreement- Meeting scheduled Supt. Keller MacDonald scheduled for later this month with several of the board.

Open House - Ricardo has the day planned with Roger helping with the cooking of hot dogs and hamburgers.

New Business

Next meeting will be Oct 8th.

Meeting adjourned 7:40.