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Board Meeting, 18 October 2010

Sebastopol City Hall

In attendance: Virginia Porter, Eric Fritsch, Lynn Deedler, Alan Siegle, Liza Prunuske, and Aquatics Director Ricardo Freitas.

Members of the public: Steve Sheldon, Tim Birney, George Kuhn, George Triest, Mark Level, Beth Buchanan, Lyn Lemaire, Barbara Deedler, Kathie O’Shea, Bill Carlsen, Chris Fritsch, Dennis Byrne, Chris Andregg

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.


  • Alan moved to approve the September 20 minutes as amended, Liza seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0 with Eric abstaining as he did not attend that meeting.


  • None


Statement on ballot counting and validation of election

  • Liza and Alan explained the process they had followed when they learned that some faulty ballots had been mailed by Reprographics. They immediately sent out an explanatory letter with a new ballot, but not a new numbered return envelope. They also called as many members as they could. Reprographics subsequently traced the problem to an error they made while printing the ballots, apologized, and agreed to pay for the second mailing.
  • Liza explained the vote counting procedure as follows: All complete ballots would be counted and tallied. Complete ballots have 6 names, either printed or hand-written. All incomplete ballots, those with less than 6 names, would be counted separately. If the tally of the complete ballots results in the same top 3 vote-getters as the tally of the incomplete plus complete ballots, the vote would stand. If not, the election would be re-done.
  • Virginia requested public comment before the votes were counted.
  • Lyn Lemaire handed out a written statement regarding her concerns about the election process. These include the delay between mailing the ballots and making the ballot box available, transparent envelopes when held up to the light, possible confusion about the instructions in the second mailing to use the original envelope, and misleading and unfair information about candidates in the voting materials and on the website. She requested that the counted envelopes and ballots be securely preserved and placed in the custody of an independent party.
  • Barbara Deedler expressed concern about the transparent envelopes and that Ricardo could possibly prevent some ballots from being included.
  • Mark Level commented that he was not concerned about the envelopes and as swimmers, “we’re used to transparency.”
  • Virginia stated that she has complete trust in Ricardo’s integrity.
  • Lynn added that Ricardo does have opinions and they could affect his actions.
  • Alan said that this election is not being held any differently than others in the past six years. If we want to change the process, we should make that decision as a Board.

Ballot Count

  • Ballots were opened and counted by Virginia. Alan and Liza. Complete ballots were counted first. The envelope number was written on the ballot and the number and vote stated out loud. The complete ballots yielded the following results: Eric Fritsch 49, Tim Birney 48, Emily Scott 46, Lynn Deedler 46, Steve Sheldon 45, George Kuhn 45.
  • The incomplete ballots were then counted. The total of the complete plus incomplete ballots yielded the following results: Tim Birney 59, Lynn Deedler 56, Eric Fritsch 53, George Kuhn 52, Emily Scott, 47, Steve Sheldon 46.

Election Results

  • As per the procedure presented at the beginning of the meeting, the election needs to be re-done because the results are different.
  • Lyn Lemaire presented another letter to the Board contesting the Board’s claim that the return envelope numbering is random. She state that there is a link between member names and envelope numbers and expresses her concern that Board members deliberately manipulated the numbering
  • Lynn commented that the election was not fairly executed and requested that changes be made in the official material submitted to the members to remove bias.
  • Liza acknowledged that she learned a great deal in this election and that improvements could be made.
  • Eric acknowledged Liza’s efforts. He stated that in the future the Board needed to do a better job of coming up with a slate and running the election. Eric also believes it is acceptable for the Board to advocate for the slate they choose. Lynn disagrees.
  • Lyn Lemaire questioned whether another election needs to be held. She suggested that the Board consider naming Emily as an adjunct or associate director.
  • George Kuhn commented that he believes there was bias on both sides during the election.
  • Lyn Lemaire requested that the ballot box be kept somewhere other than the pool, perhaps the Sebastopol library, that a separate P.O. Box be opened for ballots, and that a Board member transfer the ballots into the ballot box.
  • Barbara Deedler requested that security envelopes be used. She advised that a very simple letter accompany the ballot, similar to the letter included in the second mailing.
  • Lynn reiterated his concern about fairness and requested that the election committee not campaign. Liza objected to the allegations of campaigning and stated that neither she nor Alan had campaigned for any of the candidates.
  • To keep the second election as positive as possible, the Board agreed to limit campaign materials at the pool to one page per candidate. Ricardo will post these outside. If it gets too rainy, he will post them inside.

The Board agreed to hold all remaining items until the next meeting except for the following time-sensitive issues.



  • Ricardo reported that another break-in occurred. He is assessing options for improving safety and security and will bring recommendations to the Board. Liza expressed concern over safety of lifeguards. Ricardo does not believe there is any threat to personal safety.

Analy High School yearbook advertisement

  • Virginia wants to pay for an ad in the yearbook on behalf of the Board. She asked if there were any objections. There were none.

Next Meeting

  • November 15.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.