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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 19 October, 2009

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Alan Siegle, Liza Prunuske. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Members of the Public: Lyn Lemaire (briefly), George Trieste

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm.

Minutes of 21 September Board meeting were approved as amended by Virginia Porter.


  • Lyn Lemaire requested that the Board consider reduced fees for parent and toddlers, and special weekend swim times for toddlers only at the next Board meeting. She also reiterated her appreciation for the weekend lap mornings lap swim.
  • George Trieste stated that he was interested in learning more about the Board process.



  • Virginia and Ricardo met to discuss the accidents and incidents training and reporting process. Virginia was assured that a sound procedure is in place. Lynn inquired as to the difference between “accidents” and “incidents.” Ricardo explained that accidents involve injuries. Incidents include vandalism, theft, improper behavior, verbal altercations, etc.
  • Virginia, Alan, and Ricardo will give the State of the Pool presentation October 20 at the City Council. Roger Klein will be honored for his service to the community.
  • Virginia reported that Mike and Beth Swaney, who managed the fireworks sale for SSS, will no longer be involved. The permit for the booth is in WSCS’ name. WSCS needs to decide soon if we want to take the lead in managing the booth. It is a considerable time commitment.

Pool Manager

  • Fall swim lessons were such a big success that Ricardo added a third session.
  • Private lessons are booming with 30% more participants than last year.
  • Ricardo participated in the Sebastopol Economic Summit.
  • 275 people visited the website in the past two weeks.


  • Alan presented current financial statements. Alan noted that both expenses and income are up this year.


 Locker Room Update

  • STS removed the base coating they installed last year. They did not replace it, made a big mess, and plugged the men’s shower with fiberglass. Discussion followed as to whether WSCS should cut our losses after ongoing unsatisfactory performance by STS and find another contractor to complete the work, or give STS one more chance. The Board agreed to revisit this issue at the next meeting. In the meantime, Lynn and Ricardo will take photographs to document the condition of the locker rooms and Lynn will contact alternative contractors.

Pool Closure

  • A dehumidifier was installed in the women’s locker room and damage to the walls repaired. The City chose the dehumidifier instead of an exhaust fan. WSCS paid for the dehumidifier and the City performed the installation and wall repair.
  • The purple paint is a mold-resistant primer. Both locker rooms will be painted this winter without closing the pool.
  • An additional electric outlet as well as a floor mat and set of hooks for the corner bench were added to the women’s locker room.

CD Reinvestment

  • Alan requested a letter from the Board Secretary authorizing him as a signer on the Schwab One account.
  • Alan also requested approval to move funds out of the Wells Fargo CD because they charge $15/month. Lynn made a motion to authorize Alan to reinvest CDs in a manner that best serves the Pool. Liza seconded. All in favor. Motion passes.

Outreach and User Suggestion Box

  • Liza presented a brief report on meetings with Eric, Ricardo, and Lyn Lemaire regarding the purpose and location of the Board bulletin board. The bulletin board will contain contact information for Board members, the next meeting agenda, highlights from the last Board meeting, and special announcements. After discussion about board location, the Board agreed that a small board in each locker room would work best. Lynn requested that the boards be enclosed and professional looking. Liza agreed to maintain the bulletin boards.
  • Ricardo will obtain a sturdy suggestion box. It will be kept on the table between the locker rooms. Board members will have access to the suggestion box. Ricardo will report the number and nature of suggestions at each Board meeting.


  • The budget is due next month. Alan will e-mail a draft to the Board members.


 Membership letter

  • Virginia will draft a letter by the end of the month. She requests that the Board members respond quickly as arapid turn-around is needed.
  • Board members and Ricardo had many suggestions for the letter including donations, Latino outreach, scholarships, new chlorinator, defibrillator, painting, dehumidifier, and being open 355 days over this past year when many local pools are closing.

Financial reserve policy

  • Alan recommended that the Board adopt a policy for designating target amounts and purposes for financial reserves. The Board discussed reasonable amounts to keep the Pool operating in the event of a substantive and prolonged drop in income (e.g. closure following an earthquake) and to set aside for future capital improvement projects. Alan made a motion to work towards a goal of $60,000 for an operating reserve (equal to 3 months at the current cost of operating the Pool) and $150,000 for capital improvements. Lynn seconded. Motion passed.

Locker room painting

Pacific Coast Painting, owned by a Pool user, has agreed to paint both locker rooms this winter. Liza will work with Ricardo to select a color.

 Next Meeting: Monday 7 December 2009, 6pm at City Hall

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted, Liza Prunuske, Secretary