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Approved Minutes

Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 20 October 2008

Palm Drive Hospital

In attendance: Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Roger Klein, Eric Fritsch. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager.

Members of the Public: Lyn Lemaire,

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm.

Minutes of 29 September mtg. approved as amended.

Public comment .(Old Business)

  • Lyn Lemaire requested that we institute week-end morning lap swim sessions immediately. She noted that Petaluma week-end swimming has just ended. The Board favors these expanded hours, but defers to Ricardo with respect to how soon this schedule can be implemented. Ricardo notes that the pool continues to be understaffed and thinks it may be several months before we can offer week-end morning lap swim.

Ricardo and the Board discuss possible ways to expedite the hiring of additional lifeguards.



  • Alan noted that the State of the Pool report is to be presented to the city council tomorrow night. Virginia will make the presentation since Alan is unable to attend.

Pool Manager

  • See written report
  • Ricardo noted that he had had to work every day last week, some 70 hours, to cover guard shifts.
  • A five-week Water Polo class for children 10 and under just ended, successfully.


  • Roger noted that Marilyn has resumed her full duties and is doing a great job.
  • Roger presents current financial statements. We are in good financial condition, especially in light of the current economic situation.

Old Business  

  • Bathhouse Update

 Bathhouse floors are hazardously slippery. Ricardo has covered the floors with sufficient mats to render them temporarily safe. Lynn is following up with the contractor, STS, to remedy this situation.

Lynn hopes to have an acceptable solution by week’s end. He will keep us posted.

Lynn tells the Board that the new bench surfaces that he proposes for the locker rooms will cost more than the Board has already approved and requests that the Board approve the additional amount ( Benches will total $3,200).

Motion: The Board approves spending $3,200 for the purchase of new benches and directs Lynn to order them. Motion passes unanimously.

After subsequent discussion, which Lynn introduced at the end of the meeting, regarding the installation of the benches, Virginia moves that the Board rescind the previous motion until such time that the Board reaches agreement regarding the co-ordination of painting with the installation of the new benches. Eric seconds.

This motion passes 4-1, with Lynn voting no.

  • Employee background checks

No news to report on this front. Virginia to consult with Ricardo regarding implementation of this procedure.

  • Chlorine system update

 Alan reports that he, Ricardo, Chris Condon, Rich Emig and City staff met at the pool to discuss the chlorine generator. Chris suggests that we conduct a study to determine the current patterns of energy use (a major cost of our generating system) for Ives pool and that of Ridgeway, to help us determine the potential for cost savings were we to install a system similar to that now in use at Ridgeway. We will need to have an electrician install the requisite instrumentation. Alan will follow-up and report back to the Board.

  • Membership Drive

 Virginia will send out a draft letter by e-mail for Board review.

  • SSS Contract

 Virginia, Alan and Ricardo will meet to review contract and report to Board at next meeting.

  • New Business
  • Discussion of Minutes-taking.

The Board agrees minutes should reflect at a minimum those present, all motions, votes, and all Board actions.

We agree that discussion of personnel matters should, in general, be shielded, though Lynn argues that we should publicly record the awarding of bonus pay for exceptional performance.

This discussion is a reiteration of standing Board policy: no action taken.

  • November meeting date

We agreed to meet next on Monday, 17 November at 6:30pm. We are looking for a new meeting place. The Youth annex and the Library meeting room are possibilities.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Respectfully submitted

Eric Fritsch, Secretary