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Tues, October 17, 2007

Meeting called to order with Lynn Deedler (facilities), Ricardo Freitas (pool manager), Roger Klein (secretary), Eric Fritch (member at large), Alan Siegle (president), and Virginia Porter, (treasurer)

Minutes for Sept. 19, 2006 read and approved

Public Comment: Discussion of how to address letter written to Board regarding concerns with the spread of athlete’s foot.


1) President’s

          Transfer of $70,000 to A/G Edwards C/D has been accomplished.

          Virginia and Alan met with Dave Brennan, City Manager to discuss the transition of our presidents and review the working relationship between the pool and the city.

          Board  is waiting for Joe Maciorowski to give us a signed SSS contract.

2) Pool Manager

          Sept. was a good month even with the closure.  Pool bottom looks good after resurfacing. 

          Web site looks good and has numerous small alterations including color.

         We are the only non-profit run pool in Sonoma County.

         Pool maintenance and cleaning are going well.

          New lane lines have been installed and new Aqua aerobics equipment purchased.

          Sales of caps and goggles continue to be worthwhile.

          Ricardo is putting in 21 hours/week filling in as interim lifeguard while 2 employees are temporarily unavailable.

3) Treasurer

          Alan has been working with Virginia to pass on his treasurer’s wisdom.  Virginia presented the financial statement.

          Financial statements did not reflect the $70,000 transfer

          Fireworks net was $1255 (15%) less than last year at $6284.

4) Facilities

          To be deferred to New Business

5) Marketing Task Force

          Did not meet


Old Business

1) SSS Contract renewal

          Again, the Board needs a response for Joe Maciorowski.

2) Insurance certificates

          All 4 groups using the pool have been contacted. 3 of 4 have responded and Eric continues to follow up.  Day camps and other organized groups to be required to furnish certificate of insurance where WSCS is listed as additionally insured.  Effective date Jan. 1, 2007.  Moved and so approved unanimously.

3) Ongoing items

         * By Laws revision  

          Virginia processing old text with what actually goes on today.  Suggested changes will be presented in highlighted background of text in “Word” so Board can review .

           * Solar Donor Plaque

          Ricardo reports that the redesign is happening at Ron Blair’s and should be ready for review by next meeting.

           * Bath House Upgrade

          Discussion of numerous approaches to remodeling or starting from scratch.  Alan and Ricardo have a list of items which would be desirable in new design.

           * Investing C/Ds  see above

           * Athletes foot discussion

          Athletes foot fungus is commonly present throughout the environment.  Responsibility of avoiding and dealing with the fungus is ultimately up to the individual through keeping feet dry and a place the fungus cannot thrive in.   Viral foot warts are contagious only by direct contact.


Old Business

1) Meeting date

          Nov 28th to be the sole meeting for months of Nov and Dec.

2) Solar donor and other contributor’s recognition       

          Discussion of co-operative effort to generate donations with the Chamber of Commerce via mailings.  Consideration for appeal to year end tax contributions.  Closure of contributions to Solar Donor Program to occur at end of 2006.

3) Member’s Campaign Theme

          Discussion of how to convey the need for the Members to feel a part of the machinery that keeps the pool open and functioning.  Virginia is working on the letter to be sent to the Members with a target mailing date of Dec 1st.

4) Maintenance projects at pool

          Discussion of problems with floor (chipping and avulsion of paint).  Finley is doing similar repairs to their floors and we will keep a close look at their experience.  Rusting of the roof gutters and resultant leaking into our bath house will be brought up to the City.






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