Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693

NOV. 21, 2005

6:30 PM
Meeting called to order at 6:35 with Board Members Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Eric Fritch, Alan Siegle and Roger Klein. Past President Tom Hemphill and Pool Mgr. Ricardo Freitas also in attendance.

Review and Approval of Minutes for Oct. 17, 2005 approved as submitted

Public Comment ...None

President’s Report-Virginia

Virginia participated in the work week and applauded those who also labored
Tom and Virginia passed the baton at the city council to officially let Dave Brennan know that the presidency and been transferred. Dave clarified that the existing facilities will be maintained and repaired by the city. New additions or improvements are not the city's responsibility

Virginia hopes to give a state of the pool address to the council in the near future
Ricardo, Roger and Virginia attended the Chamber Mixer at the Victorian Christmas tree farm.
Pool Manager's Report
Fix up and cleaning was a great success. Plans to close women's shower for 24 hrs to repaint the floor and to allow women to use men's shower. Men will use the staff locker room.

Treasurer's Report

Natural gas costs increased nearly 100%
Plans to pay note to City of Sebastopol down $30,000 in 2005
Roger moved to transfer funds..Eric seconded.. all approved
Budget for 2006 submitted with 04, 05 included for comparison to be reviewed and approved at the next meeting
A long time, and valued employee is leaving and the board moved to write her a letter of appreciation and a small gift to be given in appreciation


Deck near dive blocks, fan in women's locker room, floor in women's locker room yet to be finished
Brian Shears has jumped in to oversee the plantings on the south end of the pool and has been given a budget of $500 for the installation.

Marketing Task Force

Still moving on outreach with Kim Caruso, Bill Cole and Roger Klein
We may host a Chamber mixer
Explore possibility of involvement with Apple Blossom Parade

Old Business

By Law Work- carried over
Insurance Work- carried over
Insurance claim- Eric following up on alleged injury
Sebastopol Sea Serpent contract will be up for renewal
Solar Donor activity- carried over
Identification of long term projects- preventative maintenance plan being considered
Ricardo will look into alternatives to chlorination
Finley Director gave positive comments regarding the improved state of Ives Pool
Annual membership letter-Virginia has worked long and hard and the final draft is at hand
Stuffing party for the letter to be scheduled after Thanksgiving

New Business
Carried over
Meeting Adjourned at 8:35
Submitted by Roger Klein, Secretary

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