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Approved Minutes

Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 17 November 2008

Sebastopol City Hall

In attendance: Boardmembers Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Roger Klein, Lynn Deedler; Pool Manager Ricardo Freitas. Boardmember Eric Fritsch absent. Public in attendance: Barbara Deedler and Lynn Lemaire.

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm.

Minutes of previous meeting held over for December meeting

Public Comment: Lynn Lemaire and Barbara Deedler spoke to the Board asking the status on their request to begin weekend morning hours for lap swim. President Alan Siegle said the Board has given the Pool Manager direction to initiate weekend hours when staffing and operations are able to handle the expanded hours. Lynn Lemaire asked for an update on this initiative at the next Board meeting. The Board agreed to this update. Barbara Deedler offered to provide welcoming refreshments to swimmers when Ives is able to start weekend hours.



  • Met with the Pool Manger and Virginia about the SSS contract
  • Spoke with Dave Brennan regarding the State of the Pool address to City Council
  • Met with Ricardo about misc. pool operations

Pool Manager

  • SSS Pumpkin Plunge had more than 300 swimmers – very successful
  • 140 visits each week to our web site
  • Also submitted written report


  • Full reports are expected next month on monthly financials
  • Our income and expenses are within the normal range for this time of year
  • Roger and Virginia are working on getting the Board’s investment plan implemented. Roger is working with Wells Fargo Bank and Virginia with Charles Schwab
  • Alan asked that Ricardo develop a draft budget for 2009 for our next meeting


  • Bathhouse : redoing floors in slippery areas is complete; the temporary changing facilities worked great. Lynn will follow up with STS regarding the edges
  • Employee Screening : Virginia has this in her court
  • Chlorine system update : Our consultant Chris met with Russ from the city; next step is to get monitors installed on existing system
  • Membership drive/letter : Letters should be going out later this week or early next week
  • SSS agreement : Will come to Board at next meeting
  • State of the Pool Presentation : Went very well – good coverage in the local paper; important to continue annually


  • December meeting date : Dec 15 and on 3 rd Mondays from here on at City Hall. We will post on the web site. Roger moved and Lynn seconded a motion to have notice of the Board meeting on the message board at the pool a few days before the meeting date; all Boardmembers approved.
  • Approval of guard stand, cover repair and concrete pad : In response to Lynn Deedler’s inquiry about when these were approved, the Board directed Lynn to the minutes of the meetings where these actions occurred. The Board discussed what level of authority is required for purchases by the Pool Mangaer. Lynn moved and Roger seconded a motion that the Pool Manger have authority to purchase single capital items under $400 without Board approval, up to $800 with the approval of any Boardmember, and over $800 only with an action of the full Board; all approved this motion. All agreed that routine supplies and operational purchases such as summer snack shack stock, cleaning supplies, etc., and items approved in the budget do not need Board approval even if the total purchase exceeds the limits for capital purchases.
  • Use of occasional labor : After discussion about how and when we might need occasional labor for pool projects, the Board agreed it was important to have these labor forces on the payroll of Ives for insurance purposes when we need to use them. Virginia motioned and Lynn seconded a motion that we have temporary maintenance workers at Ives become employees; all approved.
  • Use of volunteers: After discussion about the importance of continued use of volunteers at Ives, Roger moved and Virginia seconded a motion that volunteer efforts at Ives must be approved by a majority of the Board before the volunteer work can commence; the motion passed 3-1, with Lynn opposing the motion. In response to past concern by some Board members about insurance for injury to short-term workers and volunteers, Lynn contacted the account managers for our workman’s comp and liability carriers. They confirmed that any employee doing maintenance-related work is covered by workman’s compensation, and that with volunteers, claims for injury will be handled by our liability carrier. It was acknowledged that short-term workers must become pool employees.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00pm.

Respectfully submitted by Virginia Porter for Eric Fritsch, Secretary

Minutes approved 15 December 2008