Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693


WSCS/Friend of Ives Pool Board of Director’s

20 November 2007
Palm Drive Hospital

Present: Board members Alan Siegle, Roger Klein, Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Eric Fritsch. Ricardo Freitas, Pool manager

Call to order 6:40 pm



State of Pool report delivered to City Council, see Sebastopol City Council minutes attached.

Telephone conversations with Dave Brennan and Rich Emig regarding our reasons for wanting to improve the heating system in the locker rooms. Was it principally to conserve energy or rather to reduce humidity and enable us to keep the locker rooms warmer? The city was seeking clarification on this point.

Alan: improvements to the system may result in increased energy consumption and thus higher costs.

Virginia: we desire an energy efficient system, and are aware that making the changes we desire may increase costs. This should be clearly communicated to City.

Pool Manager: see report, attached

Treasurer: see statements, attached

Virginia arranged to have a line item for Nancy Deedler Fund on balance sheet

Virginia reviewed our investments with AG Edwards. All funds federally insured.

Ricardo: pool doing well, overall sales up approximately 7% over last year, though our costs are also somewhat higher, in part due to increase in minimum wage.


Little to report. See discussion delow.

Lynn noted that the locker room walls look good and commented on the drywall repairs.

Insurance update:

Eric: little to report. Important to ensure that our broker Gene Gaffney follows through with securing insurance renewals as expected. Lapses are to be watched for. But seems to provide best coverage at best rate.

Virginia: willing to take over insurance duties.

Eric: thanks, but at this point not too burdensome.

Bathhouse upgrade:

Lynn: we have two bids to resurface locker room floors. One bid $17,300 with work done at different times (split bid). The other company refused to price the job in that manner.
Lynn: we might do better with a local company.
Ricardo: public must be notified well in advance of any closure.
Discussion ensues regarding when to close. Consensus that it is best to close at this time of year. Other times more difficult. Possibly best to postpone closure, and resurfacing, until next year.

Fundraising/member letter:

Virginia: Three different versions-- lifetime/member/non-member.
Discussion: add lifeguard tower to list of suggested items to which to donate. delete pool cover reel.
Lynn: letter to suggest specific amounts to donate for each item.
Virginia: letter to be sent out just after Thanksgiving.

No December meeting unless necessary.
Monday, January 14, 6;30 pm next meeting.

Ricardo to be away on vacation 24 December-4 January. Katie Siegle to be acting manager.

Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm

Executive session to discuss personnel matters followed.

Respectfully submitted,

eric fritsch