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Tues, Nov 28, 2006

Meeting called to order with Lynn Deedler (member in large), Ricardo Freitas (pool manager), Roger Klein (secretary), Eric Fritsch (Vice President), Alan Siegle (president), and Virginia Porter, (treasurer)

Minutes for Oct 17, 2006 read and approved

Public Comment None


1) President - Alan, Virginia, and Ricardo met with City Council and gave State of the Pool presentation.

We are the largest year round employer of youth associated with the City with 60 workers.

Discussions held with Dave Brennan and City employees to see if we can save energy costs by running the pumps less and still maintain clarity and correct health standards and parameters.

2)Pool Manager - Income up 2K over last year.

Census up and weather cooperating. 60 swimmers @ Thanksgiving in 2 hours!
Inspection by Sonoma County Health Department found no problems. Congratulations to all.

SSS meet went well.

Ricardo presented the budget for upcoming year

Discussion of posting water temperature at pool. Ricardo to make it happen by Jan 1st.

3)Facilities - Ricardo was responsible for the new green paint on the concrete structure on the deep end of the pool and the electrical/heating panel. The City repaired the leaky windows in locker rooms men side.

4)Treasurers Report - Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet for year to date presented by Virginia

5)Marketing Task Force - Did not meet. Will plan to meet in January Members Tom Hemphill, Jack Lance, Ricardo Freitas, Roger Klein

Old Business

1) SSS Contract Renewal - Contract Renewed


By Laws- Amended to reflect how we operate now by Virginia. Eric has quite a bit of experience with the evolution of the changes and redirection of the articles. Board members to study up on the proposed revisions before the Jan. meeting.

Solar Donor Plaque - Program to be retired after Jan 2007

3)Bath House Upgrade - Ricardo presented 2 pages of suggestions (wish list) for improvements. Also, Lynn made a presentation of some previous architectural drawings for the project possibilities.

New Business

1) Meeting date for December. Slated for Jan 16, 2007

2) Solar Donor plaque. Roger sent out end of the year flyers via the Chamber of Commerce mailer to announce the last chance to get on the bandwagon before the drive was retired.

3)Review of proposed budget by Ricardo for amendment and approval in Jan.






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