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FINAL - Meeting Minutes

WSCS Board of Directors

Monday, May 16, 2005

Palm Drive Hospital

6:30 Meeting called to order by President Tom Hemphill

In attendance:

Board members: Tom Hemphill, Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Lynn Deedler, Virginia Porter

Pool Manager: Ricardo Freitas;

Public: Montana Podva.

Review and approval of April, 2005 minutes

Alan moved to approve the minutes as submitted, Eric seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Public Comment – Montana Povda introduced himself and said how much he enjoyed the pool – stating “it is a wonderful facility – can’t beat it!”


On behalf of the Nominating Committee (Lynn, Eric and Virginia), Lynn recommended Alan Siegle and Roger Klein for Board of Directors of WSCS, noting that Roger Klein was not present but had accepted the nomination. No other nominations were received from the floor. Virginia moved, and Eric seconded the recommendation of the committee. The motion passed unanimously. Alan Siegle and Roger Klein will be on the ballot for the annual election of Board of Directors.


President’s Report – Tom reported as follows, and also provided a written report (attached)

·            Thank you notes for solar panels have been sent

·            Tom, along with Alan, Lynn and Ricardo had a productive lunch meting with City Manager, Dave Brennan

·            Met with Ricardo’s college instructor regarding Ricardo’s evaluation; Ricardo is receiving high scores

·            Toured the pool operation with Ricardo

·            Reviewed highlights from his written President’s Annual Report, including a very positive year, ending in the black financially, much credit to Ricardo

Treasurer's Report – Alan reported the following

·            The budget is in good shape, even better than last year

·            Will post last year’s end of the year Financial Statement on our web site

·            The solar project continues to be working well

Pool Manager’s Report

·            A written Pool Manager’s Report was distributed to the Board this month

·            Swim lesson sign up is about 30% lower than last year mostly due to the weather, but declining enrollment in schools regionally is also contributing

·            We are now getting our natural gas from ABAG. Alan plans to talk with the Sebastopol Finance Director about our options for natural gas vendors.

·            Ricardo will be on vacation mid-June and Katie will be in charge

·            Caleb will do a sign for the window about fireworks sign up

Marketing Task Force Report - Virginia noted there was no new activity since last meeting

Insurance - Eric reported that the insurance is paid and current

Secretary’s Report – Virginia provided the following for an annual report:

·            Monthly meetings have been held according to the by-laws with agenda posted, meeting convened, held and adjourned per the agenda

·            Minutes have been taken at each meeting, with draft minutes circulated by the Secretary or alternate when the Secretary could not attend

·            At each meeting the Board reviews, amends and approves the minutes from the previous meeting

·            A mailing for membership renewal and fundraising was coordinated by the Secretary this year

·            Membership has been kept by the Aquatics Director, in consultation with the Secretary, on a database

·            The 2005 annual election will be conducted by mail in or drop off ballot at the beginning of June (before the next meeting)

Facilities Report – Lynn reported:

·            The guard stand is installed and functional

·            Trees have been cleared at the front of the pool

·            On his list are: storage improvements, staff room, sign for from of building, plaque, security system (he may not get to them until Oct)

·            Alan also reminded the Board that the City planned to get the deck fixed. Tom will speak with Dave Brennan about this.

·            Ricardo will call Rich with the city about the pool heaters – only 3 out of 5 seem to be working


Policy Manual: creation and update no new activity on this item

Web Site administrator – Ricardo reported that he is working with Sara on the web site; may make changes at the end of the summer

Identification of long-term replacement of physical plant - no new activity on this item

By law revision and clean-up – Eric suggested that Montana Podva might help on this project as he is an attorney and has indicated an interest in supporting WSCS

Locker room improvements – Ricardo suggested this would be best in October

Solar donor plaque – no new activity on this item

Solar hot water – this item is tabled for now

NEW BUSINESS – nothing to report


·                     Ricardo suggested getting local businesses to sponsor solar panels. He also noted that Solar Works was on site and one panel might not be generating correctly.

·                     Tom updated that we need to work to get fireworks sign-ups. The permit is in WSCS’s name. This year there will be shift supervisors on each shift. Eric will see if State Farm will put up a sign across from our booth.

·                     Tom will talk with Dave Brennan about our contract renewal with the City.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10

Submitted by Virginia Porter, Secretary


Western Sonoma County Swimmers Annual Meeting

May 16, 2005

President’s Report

            My report could simply state that Ives Pool ended the year (2004) in the black. Not only in the black, but impressively so, given our almost $40,000 surplus. Even more impressive given the chronic deficit’s the pool has experienced for many years.

            Numbers only tell part of the story. Success in the financials is a direct result of a tremendous amount of hard work on the part of people, and that is what I would like to emphasize in this report.

            First of all, credit must go to our Pool Manager, Ricardo Freitas, for being everything we want from a pool manager and more. Ricardo, more than any other individual, has really put his stamp on Ives Pool, and in the process raised the swimming experience at Ives Pool up to his high standards. Some of Ricardo’s initiatives and accomplishments are:

            -Launching new programs such as “Parents’ Night Out”, Spanish language swim safety instruction and Spanish language fliers for our swim lesson program, and Masters Swim.

            -Enhancement of our web site to make it more informative and useful.

            -Implementing a computerized integrated accounting and data base system at the pool, allowing for accurate record keeping, receipts, and reporting.

            -Development, with Alan Siegle, a budget format that allows us to better track pool usage and program income.

            -Developed and completed surveys of swim lesson demographics and swimmer satisfaction.

            -Developed an employee safety manual.

            -Greatly improved the appearance of the pool environment, both on the deck, in the locker rooms, and at the entrance.

            -Initiated an improved voice mail system at the pool.

            -Implemented an awesome snack bar experience during the summer season!

            -Enrolled in and passed a course to become a Certified Pool Operator, which will greatly enhance coordination with the City Department of Public Works.

            I would like to offer my deepest thanks to our professional staff at Ives Pool. The guards are clearly providing the highest level of water safety possible, and doing it in a friendly manner. A special thanks has to go to Lehla Irwin for her tireless work on developing and supervising our new and improved Swim Lesson Program.

            The Board of Directors has continued to stay focused on improving the swimming experience at Ives Pool and do it in a financially responsible manner. We formed a Marketing Task Force what was initially charged with identifying ways to better market Ives Pool and improve our bottom line. The Task Force members are Board member Virginia Porter, Ricardo Freitas, Jack Lance, and myself. We soon realized that before we could market Ives Pool, we needed to identify what actually happens at the pool throughout the year. This lead to a comprehensive analysis of pool activities, the end product of which is a detailed activity “map” of everything we do at the pool, who does it, and when it happens. We are excited about this project because succeeding pool managers and Boards will have a clear picture of how the pool and Board operate, improving the likelihood that future swimmers will continue to enjoy a healthy Ives Pool.

            One of the big success stories at Ives Pool is the great working relationship between WSCS and the Sebastopol Sea Serpents. The collaboration during the Fireworks week set the tone for how our two groups will work together in the future. A special thanks goes to Kathleen Andersen and her SSS Board.

            The photovoltaic system installed last year has performed as planned, generating a substantial reduction in our electric costs. With the completion of the improvements to our pumping and filtration systems, our electricity costs are dramatically lower than the previous year. I would like to express our thanks to the City of Sebastopol, especially Rich Emig and Russ Ono of Public Works, for their efforts in seeing these projects through to completion. WSCS Board member Alan Siegle must be congratulated for getting this project completed. On a related note, because of our budget surplus, WSCS was able to pay down our debt to the City by $30,000! We should have all our energy reduction debt paid off within 2 years, substantially sooner than planned.

            I would like to thank all those generous donors who have “bought” a solar panel (or two!) this year., putting us well on our way to the half-way mark. We look forward to more Ives Pool supporters stepping forward and helping us pay off the cost of lowering the energy costs at Ives Pool.

            I want all our members to know how much your support of Ives Pool means to the long-term survival of the pool. Although we revised our membership format to encourage broader participation and support of the pool, we ended up with fewer members than we have had in the past. I believe this is partly due to the absence of impending doom at the pool and partly due to the lack of aggressive solicitation of members. The challenge ahead is to grow the membership of Ives Pool into a force that will refuse to allow the pool to slip back to deficits and poor reputation. We on the Board and the staff of Ives Pool are committed to improving the swimming experience for the widest possible clientele. We need your participation to make it work. Swimmers interested in the success of Ives Pool make for a thriving pool. Just look at the swimmers in the Aqua Aerobics program!

            Lastly, I must thank my colleagues on the Board of Directors. Lynn Deedler, Eric Fritsch, Virginia Porter, and Alan Siegle have been a joy to work with. Everyone speak their mind AND listens to each other. How else could I have lasted into my fourth and final year on this Board. I know Ives Pool will continue to be well served by this great group of swimmers…well, actually, they all don’t swim, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

©Sara Schomp 2005
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