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Special and Annual Meeting

Friends of Ives Pool

Wednesday, 27 May 2009 6:30pm Ives Pool

Present: Virginia Porter, Roger Klein, Lynn Deedler, Eric Fritsch.

Alan Siegle absent.

Public: Lyn Lemaire

Meeting called to order 6:35 by Virginia Porter, Vice-President.

Nominating Committee Report

  • Lynn Deedler reports that the Nominating Committee interviewed a strong field of candidates and has recommended Alan Siegle and Liza Prunuske as the Board slate.
  • Lyn Lemaire suggests that in light of the large number of good candidates we should consider eliminating the by-law requirement that the Board put forward a slate of candidates and rather allow all who are interested to run in an “open” election.
  • Lyn further suggests that Alan consider stepping aside this election cycle so that at least 2 newcomers can take seats on the Board. She makes the point that it is in the interests of Ives Pool that we encourage the involvement of the largest number of qualified persons possible.

Landscaping at Entrance Steps

  • Lynn notes that Brian Shears continues to maintain and enhance the landscape at the front entrance, at his own expense and to wide acclaim.
  • Motion: Roger moves that we reimburse Brian $300 to cover his expenses. Lynn seconds motion. All are in favor.
  • Lynn will draft letter of thanks to Brian to accompany our check.

Virginia adjourns the Special Meeting and convenes the Annual Meeting.


  • Lynn Deedler reports that, excepting Lyn Lemaire, no candidates whom we interviewed confirmed their intention to nominate themselves as candidates for the Board.
  • Lyn Lemaire confirms her desire to be placed in nomination.
  • No other persons being present, Virginia closes nominations.

Printer Selection

  • Eric reports that several bids were solicited from printers to prepare and mail the election packets to members. Virginia and Eric selected the county printing office, which offered the most complete service and lowest price—approximately $300 to prepare and mail up to 215 pieces. This price does not include postage.

Voting eligibility

  • Virginia notes that the by-laws grant the Board authority to determine election policies and procedures.
  • Lyn Lemaire proposes that we limit voting to those who are members as of today’s meeting.
  • The Board agrees to this limitation on voting privileges, thus will exclude any persons who join between now and the close of balloting from voting in this election.

Pool bottom enhancement

  • Lynn suggests that the Board consider embellishing the pool bottom with a catchy design and our logo.
  • The Board expresses interest and some concerns.
  • Lynn will check with STS, the contractor who applied the pool surfacing, to see if such a modification would affect their warranty.
  • This item will be discussed at the June meeting.

Wells Fargo account

  • Roger mentions that our account at WF is established and ready for use. We can write up to 3 checks per year on this account. Alan, Roger and Virginia are all signatories. WF is now quite accommodating.

Meeting adjourned 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Fritsch, Secretary