Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693



Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 8 May 2008

Palm Drive Hospital


In attendance: Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Roger Klein,

Eric Fritsch, Lynn Deedler.

Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Executive session preceded Board meeting.

Meeting called to order at 7:25 pm.

Minutes of 20 February & 14 April meetings to be reviewed at our next meeting.



  • Letter from Rich Emig regarding chlorine generator which should be replaced. The city proposes a new unit which will cost around $14K, and suggests that Friends of Ives Pool pay for it. Ricardo will look into chlorine generators and we will discuss this matter further at the next Board mtg.

Pool Manager

  • See report attached
  • Sold 2 more banners to local businesses to be displayed with the others on the westside fence.
  • Is preparing a banner thanking the Rotary club for their continuing financial support of the pool.
  • Attended a Rotary Club mtg.
  • Lifeguard stand to arrive soon.
  • New banner announcing that the PV system has now saved the pool more than 100K kilowatts of electricity will be on display soon.
  • New heating system for locker rooms to be installed soon.
  • Swim lessons sign-ups proceeding OK.


  • No formal report this month, however all financial reporting requirements and payroll are being met. Our bookkeeper, Marilyn, is out on medical leave but is assisting us with these tasks. We are monitoring income and expenses and both are within the normal range for this time of year. Marilyn looks forward to resuming her full duties in the near future.


  • No report this month
  • Lynn announces that while he wishes to remain on the Board, he is stepping down from his role as the point person on the Board for Facilities oversight.

Old Business

Bathhouse & Meeting Room action plan

  • Board discussion of who might replace Lynn as Facilities person(s).
  • Board discussion regarding the most immediate concerns related to the pool closure scheduled for Sept. 2-13. General agreement that we should concentrate on refurbishing the bathhouse floors during that time.
  • We will get in touch with the contractor who submitted a bid to redo the floors last year. Ricardo and Roger are available to meet with the contractor if that can be arranged. Eric is also available if he is still in town.
  • Lynn strongly urges that we work on the bathhouse benches, which are sagging and in need of sealing, at the same time.

Membership Update

  • Ricardo reports that we now have 209 members!!! The Board congratulates & thanks Ricardo and staff for this successful outreach.


  • Virginia has been in touch with Beth Swaney, but has yet to hear of specifics regarding upcoming meetings or the scheduling of volunteer sign-ups.


  • Virginia and Eric reaffirm their interest in standing for re-election to another term.
  • Lynn announces his desire to stand again.
  • Nominations to close at the annual mtg., scheduled for May 22. The nominating committee will announce that nominations from the membership will be accepted until that meeting.
  • The election will be conducted as it has in the past with ballots mailed to the members and the balloting to be held in the 2 weeks preceding the next Board mtg., June 16.
  • Eric , Virginia and Lynn will submit candidate statements in time to be included in the election materials to mailed to the members.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Fritsch, Secretary

Approved 16 June 2008