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Meeting Minutes

WSCS Board of Directors 

Monday, March 28, 2005 (rescheduled by the Board from March 21)

Palm Drive Hospital

6:30 Meeting called to order by President Tom Hemphill

In attendance: Tom Hemphill, Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Virginia Porter, Ricardo Freitas.

Board members absent: Lynn Deedler

Review and approval of February 21, 2005 minutes 

Alan noted one correction to the minutes, that Lynn will look into the plaque for the pool to recognize solar project contributors, not Alan as the minutes noted. All concurred with this change, and minutes were approved as amended.

Public Comment - none


President’s Report – Tom reported:

  • Communication is underway with Laurie from Sea Serpents about the fireworks booth. Virginia will join Tom in the initial meeting. All agreed we would like a sign-up system for working in the booth that would allow for SS and Ives to equally benefit from this fund-raiser. The Board also asked that there be a better tracking system in place for sales this year.
  • Work on updating the Pool Manager’s contract was wrapping up
  • Letters went out to solar donors for tax purposes

Treasurer's Report - Alan reported:

  • No written report this month, but the expenditures are tracking effectively with the budget; will have financials next month
  • Electric bill is going down but gas bill is up
  • A quote from Solarworks for hot water system came in around $16,000
  • Alan and Ricardo are working to determine what part of the gas consumption is space heating and what part is water heating; this information is important if we are to consider a solar hot water system

Pool Manager’s Report - Ricardo reported:

  • A written Pool Manager’s Report was distributed to the Board this month
  • The staff locker room has been getting fixed up with painting and cleaning
  • There are new mats in the public locker rooms
  • Swim lesson sign-ups are going well and signs will go up the first week of April at the entrance to town about swim lessons
  • During the Apple Blossom Festival people can sign up for lessons, and we may put an ad in the Festival flier about this
  • End of school party, summer camp and private party sign-ups are also going well

Marketing Task Force Report - Virginia asked the Board for approval for a budget for the membership party on August 21. The all Boardmembers present approved up to $700 for this event. The Board also asked that the party include all volunteers for the fireworks booth. Also, the task force is developing “critical path” outlines for all the major functions of the pool and will be mapping these between now and the next meeting. This work will come to the Board for review and acceptance.


Board decision process – The Board discussed the role of committee work and how decisions are made at the Board level and the committee level. The Board all agreed that committees have no independent authority and are advisory to the Board. The Board may, however, delegate authority to a committee.

Policy Manual: creation and update Eric reported that he and Ricardo will go over the manual during the next few months. He also noted that the work the Marketing Task Force is doing on the key functions of the pool will compliment the work he and Ricardo are doing.

Web Site administrator – Ricardo and Tom introduced the idea of changing to another server and of reviewing software that would allow the pool manager to work more directly on the Ives web site. The Board approved the idea of changing carriers, and approved expenditure of $75 for web-site software that pool staff will try out. 

Identification of long-term replacement of physical plant – no new activity on this item

By law revision and clean-up – Eric reported that he is producing a current by-laws document from the various versions that exist either in hard copy or electronically. Tom also noted that he is working on the name change to Friends of Ives Pool

Locker room improvements – Ricardo has done some spot painting on walls. Also see Pool Manager’s report.

Solar donor plaque – This project is in Lynn’s court

Solar hot water heading – See Treasurer’s Report

Election process – The Board discussed elections and the absentee ballot process .The Boardmembers present all approved having annual elections take place this year through mail-in or drop off ballots. There will be a box at the pool for ballots for several days before the election closes, and members can also mail ballots. Envelopes will be numbered so the votes will be controlled.


Revisiting policy on entry pay for non-swimmers – The Board discussed the merits of changing the entry fee for non-swimmers. All agreed there were pool impacts of having non-swimmers on site, including liability and use of bathrooms. It was also agreed that a lesser fee for adult non-swimmers should be considered. The Board voted approval to changing the adult non-swimmer entry fee to the price of child’s admission. 


Eric updated that he is working on the Directors and Officers insurance which is due in May. It was noted that we are lacking from the Sea Serpents a certificate of insurance naming WSCS as additional insured. Eric will contact the SS President to make sure SS has this certificate.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15

Submitted by Virginia Porter, Secretary

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