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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 29 March 2010

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Liza Prunuske, and Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

Two items were added to the agenda:

  1. Bathroom hot water heater (under Old Business, Bathhouse upgrade reports
  2. Contractor selection process for bathhouse painting (added to New Business)

Minutes of 1 March Board meeting were approved as amended by Eric Fritsch.



  • No public comment.



  • Virginia reported that she had a conversation with the Sebastopol City Attorney regarding the Deedler gift.
  • She also had two meetings with Ricardo, including one with Sebastopol Sea Serpents (SSS). She held details of the SSS meeting for discussion under New Business.

Pool Manager

  • Ricardo had meeting with all of the Bathhouse upgrade teams as described below under Old Business.
  • There are now 38 annual passes.
  • The summer swim lesson schedule has been set.
  • No comments regarding pool operations were in the comment box in the past month. 

Treasurer Report

  • Pool income and expenses are typical for this time of year, although utilities are slightly higher than last year.


Locker room floor repair update

  • STS has responded that they are willing to repair damage. However, Board members continued to express reservations about the credibility of STS assurances that they will provide a satisfactory result.
  • Alan Siegle noted that he had visited two pools facilities with similar styles of flooring that appear more professional. He will try to find out the name(s) of the contractors who installed those floors.
  • Board members discussed the following two ideas:
    • Live with the floors until they become unbearable and then replace them with a high-quality job.
    • Request compensation from STS.
  • The item was held until the next meeting.

Insurance update

  • Our general liability insurance policy only extends very limited coverage to participants in organized athletic events, including practice sessions.
  • We require a certificate of insurance with Ives Pool listed as an additional insured from all institutional pool users. Rotary Clubs, in future, will be asked to provide such certificates.

Bathhouse upgrade reports

Water Heater

  • The cost of replacing the existing 70% efficient hot water heater with a 95% efficient heater would take a long time to recover through savings in the utility bill.
  • On the other hand, the water heater is 30 years old and the City has had to repair it three times in the last 6 years.
  • Ricardo and Alan will check with the City to see if they can get a PG&E energy evaluation and possibly a rebate for a replacement.
  • The cost estimate to replace the heater from last year may be high. Ricardo and Alan will coordinate on getting other estimates.
  • Lynn noted that tankless heaters may not be the best solution. They can be less durable. We might consider a tank with an in-line booster.

 City Interface Team

  • Alan and Ricardo met with the City Manager Jack Griffen who was very supportive of the project.
  • The City cannot help with funding at this time.
  • Since the project will be a WSCS project, prevailing wage requirements would not apply.  

Design Team

  • The design team (Eric, Lyn, Ricardo) interviewed three architects and received proposals from each.
  • The proposals each offered different services. The design team will compare each, request clarification from the architects as needed to compare services, and report back to the Board.
  • The City interface team will check with Kenyon Webster to find out how much detail the City will require.

Fundraising Team

  • Virginia, Liza, and Virginia met. They discussed a combination of fundraisers (possibly a 10k run and a swim-a-thon), grants, and donations from local businesses and individuals.
  • Liza has begun to research grant possibilities. She also handed out a draft list of possible donors with a request that Ricardo and Board members mull over other possibilities.


Meeting with SSS

  • Virginia and Ricardo had a productive meeting with Mike Rowan and Lehla.
  • Discussion included the following:
    • SSS will notify Ricardo when changes might affect the schedule and when meetings will be held in the front entry area.
    • Ricardo will notify SSS of schedule changes as soon as possible when the change might affect the SSS schedule.
    • SSS and Ricardo will coordinate in use of the front entry area.
    • Ricardo and his staff may use a “Do not disturb” sign on the office to minimize interruptions.
    • SSS would like to set up a portable structure temporarily in the open area north of the pool. Ricardo checked with the City and they are OK with a temporary portable structure.
  • All agreed to keep meeting regularly.

Preview of spring/summer schedule

  • Eight spring swim lesson sessions will be offered.
  • Spring session will run from Tuesday May 18 through June 10. Summer session will start June 14 and run through August 19.

Assistant pool manager job description

  • Virginia e-mailed all Board members a draft.
  • Board agreed to hold this item for the next meeting to allow sufficient time for the executive session.

Contractor selection process for bathhouse painting

  • Lynn inquired as to how the contractor was selections. Board reviewed the motion from September that authorized expenditure and process.
  • Virginia requested that Ricardo bring a cost report on the dehumidifier, sheet rock repair, and painting to the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Monday 19 April 2010, 6pm at City Hall.

Regular meeting ended at 7:30 when the Board adjourned to executive session.