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FINAL - Meeting Minutes

WSCS Board of Directors 

Monday, June 20, 2005

Palm Drive Hospital

6:30 Meeting called to order by President Tom Hemphill

In attendance:

Board members: Tom Hemphill, Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Virginia Porter

Acting Pool Manager: Katie Siegle

Public: Roger Klein

Board members absent: Lynn Deedler

Review and approval of May, 2005 minutes

Two amendments were made to the draft minutes: the addition of Montana Podva’s last name in the discussion about by-laws, and changing the comment about solar hot water heating to “table the item”. Alan moved to approve the minutes as amended, Eric seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously. 

Public Comment – Roger Klein introduced himself to the Board and acting Manager.


President’s Report – Tom reported as follows:

  • Contact was made with the City regarding the pool deck repairs. We will work together with the City on this project and may need to spend several hundred dollars on the repairs. Next step is to have WSCS representatives meet with City reps when Lynn is back, and to bring this back to the Board in July for approval of expenditures.
  • Firework sign-ups have started. He went to the pool twice to get volunteers.
  • He provided the City contract and Pool Manager contract to Virginia and Ricardo.
  • Have received a few swimmer comments about front counter customer service; all agreed good front counter customer service is a high priority.
  • Even though he is going off the Board, he still wants to maintain a presence and be active on Board activities. As outgoing president, he will be a non-voting member of the board for one year per the by-laws. All on the Board welcomed Tom’s continued involvement in Board activities.

Treasurer's Report – Alan reported:

  • Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet were provided for Board review
  • Swim lesson sign up is still about 10% lower than last year
  • Overall we are in good shape financially
  • Alan will review PG&E and ABAG costs for utilities and evaluate which one will provide the least cost service and we will go with that.

Pool Manager’s Report

  • A written Pool Manager’s Report was distributed to the Board this month
  • Katie reported that the County inspected the pool on Friday and all went just fine
  • Katie reported that summer lifeguards are on staff and training went really well
  • Summer schedule started; the Board asked that the start date for summer schedule be made very clear next year as there was some confusion this year

Marketing Task Force Report  - Virginia reported:

  • The members and volunteers party planning is underway. The Board supported the sending a glossy post card invitation with a picture of the pool.  Virginia will distribute the graphic by e-mail and will try to have printed before the July meeting. Virginia will check to see if Shakespeare in the Park is being held on the same day as our appreciation party (August 21). There will be live music, food, door prizes. We need to get RSVP’s from everyone
  •  A Board reference binder is being developed for all Board members. It will include City contract, SSS contract (Tom will send final SSS contract to Virginia), Pool Manager contract, Board roster, budget, by-laws, Board ground rules, budget and previous years financial statement. Virginia will put these together for each board member.


Policy Manual: creation and update  no new activity on this item

Web Site administrator  - no new activity on this item

Identification of long-term replacement of physical plant – Tom reported that he had discussed this with Dave Brennan, and this is something that we will work with the City on over time.

By law revision and clean-up – Eric will work on this later in the year with a goal of having this done prior to our November meeting. Virginia sent out a copy some edits and clean up to the formatting but not addressing content changes.

Locker room improvements – Virginia received a complaint from a pool user about the women’s locker room. Roger Klein will work with Lynn when he gets back to clean the windows, and the Board will bring to Ricardo’s attention when he is back from vacation. Also see comment in President’s Report

Solar donor plaque – no new activity on this item

Fireworks – Eric reported that we could not put up a sign across the street from the booth. Tom reported that we need volunteers. The Board approved a small cash incentive for the cashiers at the pool if they are able to get volunteers to sign up for a shift in the booth.


Count ballots for director election

Ballots were opened and counted for the two open positions on the Board for 2005-06. There were 36 ballots received. Alan Siegle received 36 votes; Roger Klein received 35 votes.

Certify election

Alan Siegle and Roger Klein were elected to the Board of WSCS for 2005-06. The Board unanimously certified the election

Compensation rate for Aqua-therapy instruction

Virginia made a motion to authorize the Pool Manager to negotiate with Aqua-therapy instructor for a new compensation rate for teaching classes at the pool. Eric seconded the motion. All favored.

Tom spoke with the head lifeguard and the Acting Pool Manager about the attentiveness of lifeguards during their shifts.  

Virginia will check into getting our name changed per the vote earlier this year.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15

Submitted by Virginia Porter, Secretary
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