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JAN 16, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. Board President Virginia Porter, Treasurer Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Secretary Roger Klein, and Pool Manager Ricardo Freitas in attendance.

Reading of the Minutes Read and approved with minor corrections

Public Comment None

Election Ballot counting 27 ballots received with Virginia, Eric, and Lynn being returned to office. The Board voted to accept the results of the election.


1. President's Report
Virginia has continued to meet with SSS to co-ordinate fireworks sale and staffing and to secure the joint checking account.

Patty Berg, our State Congresswoman, visited Ives Pool to present us with a new California flag. She asked many excellent questions of how the non-profit organization ran the pool, and was very interested in the solar panel usage. It has been about a year since Ricardo began pursuing a new flag via Sacramento and it turned out to be a very nice experience.

Virginia and Ricardo met with heads of El Molino and Analy High Schools to discuss the use fees for their swimmers. Ricardo had a very well presented breakdown of their use fees compared to other High Schools in the area for them to see . A follow up meeting to set the new fees will happen in August.

2. Pool Manager's Report (for 5/8-6/12)
Lifeguard training for new procedures implemented at Ives

Landscape at entrance refurbished and looks really nice

Sales of Ives caps goggles, and visors continues to go well

SCC will have aqua safety class 4 days this summer
2 scholarships given

End of year parties almost done 23 in one month

Solar Panels pass 50,000KW generated

3. Treasurer's Report
Balance sheet is looking much better than the first third of the year thanks to warmer weather and corresponding increase in usage.

4. Facilities
Lynn out of state no report
Discussion by board as to how best acknowledge ongoing efforts of volunteer involved with the pool

5. Marketing task force
No action

Old Business
1. 2006 Special Projects
Latino Outreach Adult swim classes and Vamos a Nadar in progress
Scholarships 2 awarded so far by Ricardo

2. Fireworks 2006 WSCS still has a fair number of shifts open Board members to make some calls for recruitment

3. SSS Contract Renewal Sea Serpents have the proposed contract we will contact them again No problems encountered or voiced at this time

4. Ongoing items
Policy Manual Creation No action
By-laws revision/update No action
Solar Donor Plaque Ricardo to assume duties of project development
Insurance Certificates To be brought back at the Sept meeting in time to get word out to the parties involved with renting pool

5. New Business
1. High School Billing/contract Final hashing out of the user fees for High School swimming will happen in the coming month. Reductions in fees ruled out, increase is to be considered
2. Member's party planning Tom, Roger, Virginia to head up organization. Aug 27th 06
3. Budget balancing 2006....
4. 50,000KW celebration to be incorporated into the Member's Party
5 Locker room Discussion of long term possibility of relocating locker rooms to north side of the pool and abandoning the mediocre present ones
6 Concern about the afternoon shading of our solar panels by some of the trees in Ives park. Alan will explore contacting the city regarding trimming
Adjournment 8:35

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