Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693


Tues, June 12, 2007

Palm Drive Hospital, 6:30PM

6:30 Meeting Called to Order

Katie Siegle (Pool Manager Rep), Eric Fritsch, Lynn Deedler, Roger Klein, and Virginia Porter present.

Counting of Ballots

41 members cast ballots and Roger Klein and Alan Siegle were returned to service.

Review and Approve May Meeting Minutes

Approved with 2 amendments.

Public Comment - none


1. President- none as Alan was away

2. Pool Manager- Katie Siegle presented the report for Ricardo

Ives Pool

Pool Manager Report

(5/10/07– 6/06/07)


- Planning Summer Schedule. Camps, Swim lessons

- Training the lifeguards with the new procedures I implement at Ives Pool.

- Rotary is over… Rated the best in many years!

- Generous donation of Dave Hale….In process of buying easy ups and nice chairs

- Seating bleachers and fixed and painted. In process of painting the picnic area

- Solar panel sign is placed at Ives Pool. Very pleased with the final work.

- Participation on Sonoma County Aquatic safety advisor.

- “Vamos a Nadar” again at Ives Pool June 23 Saturday



3) Treasurer- Virginia presented profit and loss statement.

Money market will be converted to a non-profit FDIC insurerd account. Board moved and unanimously approved action.

4)Facilities- Lynn Proposed we consider closing the pool approximately 5 days in late October or early Nov. to make a major attempt to refurbish the arrea, especially women’s locker rooms.

Pool cover edges are wearing, fraying, unraveling, and getting caught in roller. Summer may be a good time to repair the edges and allow us to keep the covers.

Roger will create a questionairre/suggestion sheet to solicit ideas from the pool users for improvements. Virginia offered to do the layout.

Lynn presented 2 proposals for the shade over the bleachers. One, a

less expensive Costco EZ Up, to be used in the short term. Longer term options of higher tech design and materials will be studied.

Old business

1) Fireworks update- Roger and Virginia to split the responsibilities Thursday June 28 to July 4.

Bathhouse upgrade- New Fan is scheduled to be installed to improve ventilation is Women’s locker room.

3 Insurance report- Insurance of Certificate requirements discussed for groups using the pool.

4)Election- Results as above. They will be posted on Website

New Business

1) Meeting date for July is Monday the 16th at the brew pub at 6:30

2) Response to City Energy Report- Dave Brennan has indicated his desire to get together with Alan and Ricardo to discuss possible implementation.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50