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Meeting Minutes
WSCS Board of Directors 

Monday, July 18, 2005

Palm Drive Hospital

6:30 Meeting called to order by President Tom Hemphill

In attendance:

Board members: Tom Hemphill, Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Virginia Porter

Pool Manager: Ricardo Freitas

Public: Roger Klein, Montana Podva

Board members absent: Lynn Deedler

Review and approval of June, 2005 minutes

Alan moved to approve the minutes as submitted, Virginia seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously. 

Public Comment – Montana Podva let the Board know he would be happy to work on the by-laws when Eric is ready.


President’s Report – Tom reported as follows:

  • He coordinated WSCS’s participation in the fireworks booth fundraiser as well as staffing the booth and working closely with SS on this project
  • Has continued to work with the Marketing Committee on the annual cycle of events, members party, etc.

Treasurer's Report – Alan reported:

  • Profit and Loss statement shows we are in good shape; will likely end up slightly lower profits at mid-year than last year due to lower swim lesson sign up. Board discussed how to increase swim lesson participation in 2006. Ricardo will check with Finely Swim Center in Santa Rosa to see if they might refer patrons to Ives when Finley is full.

Pool Manager’s Report

  • A written Pool Manager’s Report was distributed to the Board this month and Ricardo reviewed the report
  • Ricardo reported that everything is running routinely
  • The staff party is August 11 and about 40 people will be there; the Board is invited

Marketing Task Force Report  - Tom reported:

  • The members and volunteers party planning is underway. (see item under New Business)
  • The Board should set up a time with Ricardo in the fall to review pool operations so that all Board members are familiar with how the pool runs.


Policy Manual: creation and update  The work of the Marketing Task Force will be included in the policy manual. Eric brought up the importance of including employment practices.

Web Site administrator  - no new activity on this item – will be brought up again in the fall

Identification of long-term replacement of physical plant –  no new activity on this item

By law revision and clean-up – no new activity on this item (on hold until fall)

Locker room improvements – Roger and Lynn cleaned the windows in the women’s locker room. Roger suggested this should be done quarterly. There was discussion about the puddle that forms in front of the men’s locker room door; Ricardo has asked staff to keep an eye on this and keep the water from accumulating here. The pool will close for a period in the fall for maintenance, though the dates are not yet determined.

Solar donor plaque – Tom will ask Lynn about the size, location, and durability of the plaque. Until the permanent plaque is in place, Alan suggested we make the current plaque more secure. Eric will mount the existing plaque within the next 2 weeks.


Members/Volunteers Party – Virginia introduced with discussion about party details. The Board reviewed the invitation and made a few small changes; Ricardo will print and send out invites. Roger will ask Fiesta Market about providing all or part of the food. We will have barbeque tri-tip and chicken, salad and garlic bread.  Virginia will make cookies. The Board voted unanimously, with Virginia making a motion and Alan seconding, to compensate the musicians $200. We will invite the SS who were involved in the fireworks booth, city staff involved with the pool. At the party, Roger, Tom and Virginia’s husband Chris will barbque; Eric, Virginia and  Lynn will be available. Virginia will check with the Community Center about borrowing tables. Tom will call the city to see if we need a permit for the music.

Fireworks Review – All agreed this year was very organized, and recognized the Swaneys and Loree Camden for their part in making it so. Virginia suggested that next year a separate account be set up with WSCS and SS both on the account so funds could be held separate from either entity’s accounts.


Tom asked that the new schedule be very prominently displayed in advance of the date when the schedule changes.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10

Submitted by Virginia Porter, Secretary

©Sara Schomp 2005
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