Ives Pool, Sebastopol, Calif. 707 823-8693

JULY 17, 2006

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER 6:30 Board Members President Virginia Porter, V.P. Lynn Deedler, Secretary Roger Klein, Eric Fritsch, Pool Manager Eric Freitas, Past President Tom Hemphill present.

REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES Approved with several corrections

• Fireworks had a good season. The Board served in the booth with Virginia doing the yeomans's duty on a nearly nightly basis. Beth and Mike Swaney, Loree worked very hard in the booth. Overall sales at or about last year's.
• Virginia has been working with Ricardo on how to make the website more effective.

• Passes now in a more handy (credit card) size
• SCC water safety classes held second sessions
• Vamos a Nadar 6/24 was a success 13 sign ups
• Five Hispanic adults involved with the 1st program offering
• Seven partial scholarhips have been given out at 25, 50 and 75% levels.
• Summer going well with hot weather creating lots of usage
• First session swim lessons have been quite successful with no complaints
• Ron Blair has sketch for solar panel donor's placque ready
• Entry wall has been repainted
• Two instances of graffiti vandalism occurred and were reported. Request to Police to increase frequency of surveillance

• Alan is out of town therefore no report

• Lynn has blueprints of of buildings along North wall being considered for possible conversion to new locker rooms

• No action
Tom suggested timeline be reinstituted to plan out marketing. It will be delayed until Sept.but programs should be reviewed to improve efforts for next year.

• Special Programs
Latino Outreach and Scholarships..It was pointed out by Virginia that Ricardo did most of the work and that Board members need to be stepping up to carry the load.
Spanish speaking teacher would be great
• Fireworks Total of $44,000 sold up to 50% of which may be profit for SSS/WSCS to split. Discussion on how to most efficiently schedule shifts and recruit volunteers
• SSS contract renewal.. to be followed up by Eric
• By Laws... Eric will have some revisions ready by next month
• Insurance Certificates..Eric will draft letter before the next Board meeting to announce the the Day Camp user group that will be affected by the change
• Member/Volunteers Party
To include 50kw celebration
$700 allowed for expenses
100 people being invited

• Discussion regarding placing funds in C/Ds which would give significantly better interest. Alan to handle the research and place up to $30,000 of funds from Aho Trust and Capital Improvement accounts into accounts up to 1yr. term Board unanimously approved a motion to proceed with the transfer of funds.
• Energy assessment. To be investigated but no contacts made until heating costs and possiblity of doming the pool in winter are considered.
• Board discussed Sara Schomp's design of the present Ives Pool logo
Discussion of website and considered ways to improve the accuracy and management of the site.

Meeting Adjourned

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