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Minutes for WSCS/Friends of Ives Pool

March 20, 2007

Meeting called to order at 6:30 by President Alan Siegle, Vice Pres. Eric Fritsch, Pool Manager Ricardo Freitas, Treasurer Virginia Porter, Facilities Director Lynn Deedler, and Secretary Roger Klein in attendance.

Minutes for February 13 and 27, 2007 reviewed and approved with minor revision.



Credit card machine has been purchased as authorized during last month’s meeting and has been used with good reviews by patrons.

2)Pool manager’s

El Molino and Analy High Schools are currently holding meets at the pool.

Ten parties are booked for summer

Flyers for swim lessons have been mailed out using last years addresses

Training in progress for new lifeguards

The new vacuum is great. It cleans better in all corners in 30-50% previous time needed. It is saving time and energy.

The new stepped ramp is in transit.

Apple Blossom Chamber of Commerce Meeting will be hosted at Ives April 25th 5:30-7PM.

Solar Donor Plaque should be installed before the above party.

Glass in front door was broken by vandals and was replaced by the City with a temporary wooden pane. Glass installed after 7 days.


Profit and Loss statement presented for the first 2 months. We are pretty close to the numbers for last year. Masters swimming has not been attracting many swimmers. Ricardo is trying to come up with some options to stimulate a following.


No news

Old Business

1)Ongoing items

By Laws Virginia continues to work on the revise and rewrite them.

Bath House upgrade No new activity

New Business

1)Meeting Date Will be held April 3rd at 5:30 at Power House, earlier in the month than usual, to facilitate attendance by the largest numbers of members.

2)Election Schedule Nomination slate to be formed by the May meeting. Election week will be the week before the June meeting.

3)Fireworks Virginia and Eric are the liaisons and will be in touch with the SSS fireworks team.

4)Insurance Discussion to consider a new carrier which has no deductable for a lower premium. Several exclusions contained may not make this a good one for Ives, however. Eric to follow up on clarification of these restrictions.

5)Latino Outreach Motion by Virginia, second by Eric and unanimous approval to implement the program as presented.

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