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Meeting Minutes

WSCS Board of Directors 

Monday, January 17, 2005

Palm Drive Hospital

6:30 Meeting called to order by Vice President Lynn Deedler

In attendance: Lynn Deedler, Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Ricardo Freitas.

Board members absent: Tom Hemphill, Eric Fritsch

Review and approval of December 20, 2004 minutes 

Minutes were approved as submitted.

Public Comment - none


Pool Manager’s Report

  • Ricardo noted there was no written Pool Manager’s Report this month
  • Ricardo noted there were several things to take care of after his vacation, including the break-in to the office and a new guards’ schedule. Katie covered payroll and all W-2’s have gone out.
  • Ricardo noted there were roof leaks and he will confirm that Public Works knows about this problem
  • There are already some end-of-school-year parties signing up, and summer camps are getting in contact with pool staff for summer scheduling.
  • Lifeguards are now keeping a log of what goes on in operations, including class start times, any reported difficulties, etc.
  • Ricardo hopes to have a youth water polo class in 2005

Facilities Report – none

Marketing Report  - Virginia reported that there has not been a meeting since the last Board meeting, though there is one scheduled for February 11 where the committee will be looking at an annual calendar of marketing activities.

 Treasurer's Report

  • Alan reported that he will have the end of the year numbers at the next meeting, and that we finished the year in a stable financial condition
  • Alan noted that energy use was down in December
  • It was suggested that local businesses might be likely contributors to for the solar project


Annual budget approval

  • Lynn mentioned that the new budget format works well and complimented Alan and Ricardo on this
  • It was noted that the Sea Serpents income for 2005 is based on the new contract and full year of operation
  • Ricardo noted that income is now broken down into categories, e.g. income from lap swim, lessons, etc.
  • The budget was approved as submitted

By law revisions – This will be discussed at a future meeting. It was also noted that the name change should be incorporated in the revision process.

Status of significant donations – WSCS received a sizable anonymous donation at the end of 2004


Discussion of ways to deal with break-ins – The Board discussed various ways to prevent future break-ins.


  • Ricardo is looking for someone to do janitorial work at the pool
  • The Board looked at the design for a sign to be placed at the pool about the solar project and savings in energy. Lynn suggested some change from the 4’ X 8’ format for effectiveness. Ricardo will send the Ives logo to the designer. The Board supported the design.
  • It was noted that the Sebastopol City Council will be evaluating the proposed outside sign for Ives at their meeting on 1/18
  • Ricardo plans to take the pool operators training as soon as he can

Items for next agenda

By law revisions

Process of finalizing the language of the membership letter

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05


Submitted by Virginia Porter, Secretary

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