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Draft Minutes

Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 26 January 2009

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance : Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Roger Klein. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager. Members of the Public: Mike Swaney, SSS BoardPresident.

Absent : Boardmember Eric Fritsch

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm.

Minutes of December 15 held for February meeting

Public comment Mike Swaney representing Sebastopol Sea Serpents asked the Board to consider allowing SSS to develop a space for their coaches and staff to have an office and storage. Mike provided the Board with copies of plans to convert current storage space at the NE corner of Ives facility into an SSS office. He also suggested the WSCS Board consider a sound system for the pool.

Alan Siegle said the Board would put this item on the agenda for discussion at a future meeting.



  • Alan has had two meetings with SSS regarding site security
  • Meetings continue with Chris Condron regarding the chlorine system
  • Met with the City Manager regarding some pool items
  • Planning a meeting with our new 5 th district supervisor Efran Carillo
  • Working with Solarworks regarding the warranty on Ives’ solar system

Pool Manager

  • Met with Virginia and Roger on the 2009 Pool Manager contract and compensation
  • Reviewed some of the non-routine challenges of the 2008 year including restructure of swim lesson staffing, shortage of guards in late year, storm-related problems, resurfacing bathhouse floors and follow-up resurfacing with the pool open
  • Noted we finished 2009 in good financial and operational condition
  • Met with police regarding break in


  • Roger updated the Board on the Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab investment process which is nearly complete
  • The Board approved the proposed budget for 2009 with Virginia moving and Roger seconding the motion. Lynn abstained, so the motion passed with three aye votes

 Old Business

  • Bathhouse update STS has not responded to Lynn’s attempts to get resolution regarding the quality of the job on the bathhouse floors. The Board recommended Lynn look into filing a complaint with the Contractors State Licensing Board.

    Ricardo will look into cleaning the windows and walls in the bathhouses.  
  • Chlorine system update Our system no longer has local maintenance options, and is getting harder to keep going. A new system would be more efficient. The Board asked Alan and Ricardo to meet with the City about options for replacing the system.
  • Member drive/letter Now have about 130 members for 2009. Ricardo will start to recruit members at the pool.

New Business

  • February meeting date February 23. Virginia asked that Board fundraising be on the agenda

Board moved to executive session at approximately 7:30

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted: Virginia Porter for Secretary Eric Fritsch