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WSCS/Friend of Ives Pool Board of Director’s


Friends of Ives Pool/ WSCS

Board Meeting, 14 January 2008

Meeting held at Lynn Deedler’s house, our anticipated meeting room at Palm Drive Hospital having been turned into office space since our last meeting there.

In attendance: Board members Alan Siegle, President; Roger Klein, Treasurer; Eric Fritsch, Secretary; Lynn Deedler. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager.

Meeting called to order at 6:55pm

Minutes of 20 November Board Meeting approved as amended.



  • Conversation with Dave Brennan regarding heating system improvements in locker rooms. Alan confirmed that our goals are to improve energy efficiency and reduce humidity. More research necessary.
  • State is now offering incentives for solar water heating. Alan will investigate.
  • Alan held several meetings with Ricardo.
  • Met with Lynn and spoke to Virginia.

Pool Manager

  • Nightmare upon return from vacation; power out/ heater malfunction—pool closed for several days. Now, thankfully, back to normal. Ricardo notes that four of five heaters are back in operation. That is sufficient for heating the pool. The fifth heater cannot cheaply be repaired—it has been cannibalized to repair the others.
  • New schedule has just been released.


  • Brian Shears has requested $50 to cover past expenses for landscape installation and maintenance of the grounds at front steps.
  • Lynn moves that the Board send Brian a check for $300 to cover his request and for future expenses to use as Brian thinks best, along with a letter of thanks. Eric seconds motion. Motion passes unanimously.
  • Eric agrees to write letter to Brian.


  • See attached reports

Old Business

Bath house and meeting room action plan

  • Lynn presents idea that young student will develop plans with help of architecture firm at which she works. The firm will work on this project pro bono. Lynn distributes sketch of proposed improvements. Board discussion ensues. Board expresses support for project and awaits preliminary drawings.
  • Ricardo inquires about scheduling of project. Eric suggests potential completion in October, depending….
  • Ricardo announces a pool closure in September to repair pool bottom. Alan requests that Lynn firm up plans to resurface bath house floors well in advance of pool closure so that that work can be done simultaneously. Lynn will address floors in 2 months time.


  • Roger distributes proposed budget for 2008. Budget developed by Roger and Ricardo.
  • Lynn moves to adopt budget as proposed. Eric seconds. Board approves unanimously.

Next meeting to be held 20 February 2008 @ 6:30pm Meeting place to be announced.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Executive session followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Fritsch, Secretary