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Tues, Jan 16, 2006

Palm Drive Hospital 6:30 P.M.

Meeting called to order with Lynn Deedler (facilities), Ricardo Freitas (pool manager), Roger Klein (secretary), Eric Fritsch (member at large), Alan Siegle (president), and Virginia Porter, (treasurer) in attendance

Minutes for Nov 28, 2006 read and approved

Public Comment None


1. President Deferred

2. Pool Manager

We are fiscally healthy. Financial statements are on the website.

The membership drive resulted in 83 members of which 34 were new. 2 new lane lines were donated and Ricardo has installed them. $260 was donated to Latino outreach. $1455 was donated to purchase a new step ramp. $1025 was donated towards scholarship.



Old Business

1. Ongoing items

By-Laws revision/update Virginia has labored long and hard to dissect the old by-law text and point out what is needed, obsolete, and or vague by today‚s operation.Discussion by the board with concesus that a separate meeting will be needed to process the old and often no longer applicable by-laws to a form which will be proper legally and also current. The board will hold a separate meeting Tues. Feb 28th to deal only with the revision.

Solar Donor Plaque Final Approval

Ricardo presented a final revisions for the plaque with 6 additional donors to be added. Design was approved 4-1 with Lynn dissenting

2. Bathhouse upgrade

North side structure perhaps best utilized for meeting room and upgrade of the staff bathroom.

Existing area can be expanded from existing footprint 200-500sq. Ft. by moving East and South to increase the size of the women‚s locker room

Ricardo, Lynn, and Eric to explore the expansions process.

New Business

1.Meeting Date for Feb. Meeting will be Tues. 13th Feb 27th supplemental meeting to process by-laws.

2. Solar donor contributions Six late additions for sponsorship of solar panels were received in the latter part of 2006. The fundraising for soar panels is being retired with the new year.

3. Approve/Amend proposed budget. The proposed budget for 2007 was presented, reviewed and unanimously approved by the board.

4. Credit card processing for Lesson sign-ups. Approval by the board to explorer the acquisition of a point of sale credit card unit to serve the patrons who wish to use credit cards to purchase lesson.

5. Fireworks Liasons. Virginia and Eric volunteered to serve with the Sea Serpents Fireworks staff to co-ordinate efforts.

6. Senior Rates for Pool Use. Discussion of adoption of change in eligibility are for senior discount. Unanimous approval for keeping 60 as senior age cut off and for allowing scholarship awards up to 50% at the discretion of the pool manager.

7. Pool vacuum. The vacuum is down and too old to repair. We have the options of purchasing a used one available in the area or considering a new one. Ricardo will investigate and carry forth the best choice. Passed unanimously.