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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 23 February 2009

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Roger Klein, Eric Fritsch. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager.

Executive session preceded public meeting.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Minutes of December & January mtgs. approved as amended.



  • Alan, Ricardo & Rich Emig met to discuss chlorine generation.
  • Alan met with Mike Swaney, president of the SSS.
  • Attended function honoring Dave Brennan, the outgoing City Manager. Noted that the pool had lost a good friend in City government.
  • Mentioned the possibility that solar water heating may now be worth exploring. Alan will follow-up.


Pool Manager

  • See written report.
  • Attended Dave Brennan retirement party.

The Board raises concerns regarding the accuracy of the count of the number of Saturday morning lap swimmers. Discussion of the desirability of (and the difficulties of) having all those who enter the pool premises check in with guard. The Board asks Ricardo to instruct guards to attempt to do so. And to make a sign instructing pool patrons to check in with guard.


  • Roger presented year end financial statements.

Old Business

Bathhouse Update

  • STS has not responded to Lynn’s repeated requests to rectify unsatisfactory work on bathhouses. Lynn to file complaint with Contractor’s State License Board.
  • Lynn notes that women’s bath house looks much better, and is a good start.
  • Ricardo says that the regular maintenance person has returned to service.
  • Virginia urges that we strive to maintain this level of cleanliness.
  • Lynn notes need for greater ventilation in women’s locker room. Exhaust fan at peak of ceiling (discussed previously) would help. Ricardo to ask City about this. 

Chlorine system update

  • Alan reports that it appears that it would be in our best interest to purchase a new system, if we can stop making payments on our existing, worn-out system. We still owe approx. 15K. Alan to follow-up with City. Lynn suggests that we attempt to negotiate with the manufacturer of the new system for a lower price. 

Membership Drive

  • Ricardo reports we now have 171 members! Hooray! 

Employee background checks

  • Ricardo has completed the necessary requirements. We will soon be able to conduct checks.

New Business  


  • Virginia notes that our fundraising activities and revenues are trending down. Discussion regarding desirability of increasing our efforts vs. our willingness to continue present course. The Board acknowledges that our share of proceeds from the sale of fireworks has dwindled over the last few years. We will continue to encourage our members (and friends) to volunteer, though we are content with our reduced presence at the booth.

March meeting date  

  • Monday, March 16 at the City Hall.

Sea Serpent Invitational Meet  

  • Discussion of SSS request to hold meet Sunday 29 March. Request permitted by contract. We agree to charge SSS only $300, since it is only a one day meet.

Assitant Pool Manager

  • Ricardo has begun the process of training and selecting potential assistants.
  • The Board – Roger, Virginia, Lynn- stress the imperative to expedite this process.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Executive session followed public meeting.

Respectfully submitted

Eric Fritsch, Secretary