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Feb 13, 2007

Meeting called to order 6:30 p.m. Palm Drive Hospital Alan Siegle, Pres.; Eric Fritsch, Vice President; Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager; Lynn Deedler, Facilities; and Roger Klein Sec. in attendance.

Minutes of the January meeting read and approved as submitted.

Public Comment: None


1) President’s Pool manager’s proposed contract reviewed with Ricardo. Alan was the recipient of a Public Service award for his community service in the area over the years with his composting and pool leadership.

2)Pool Manager’s Sebastopol Noon Rotary donated $2000 for a new pool ramp. Decision not to pursue Finley’s used pool vacuum as maintenance and repair options were difficult and expensive. New vacuum will cost $4150.

Vamos a Nadar begins June 23rd. All 6 towns in the west county are co-operating. The goal is 188 swimmers/year.

Soalr panels produced 2500kw last month

Analy and El Molino swim teams are currently practicing.

The user groups are getting their insurance policies naming us as additionally insured.

3)Treasurer’s Virginia will get us a print out at our meeting for by-laws on the 27th.

4)Facilities Lynn reported that the women’s locker room has very poor ventilation. The problem is the high humidity due to increased usage by women compared to the men’s side. A supplemental fan could be installed to be activated at 95% humidity and should improve things. Lynn to follow up.

Discussion of the need for adopting a comprehensive approach to the potential redesign of the bath house versus a peace meal patch job.

Old Business

1)Bath house upgrade- discussed above

2) Solar donor plaque Ron Blair took final measurements and the final quote is coming. $800-1000 is expected, and it should be ready in 3 weeks.

3)By-laws revision Meeting scheduled Feb 27th at Thomas Creek at 5:30. Treasurer’s report to be presented.

New Business

1)Pool ramp/steps had lasted since July 98. Ricardo says that this is a long period to serve for such a piece of equipment. New ramp available at $3000 (10% discount ) with $300 shipping. Plaque to be attached thanking Gentle Water Fitness, and Rotary for underwriting the purchase. Unanimously approved by those in attendance.

2)Folders for new swim classes are ready. Fall sessions are being reinstated. 5 sessions available and 3 are full.

3)Flyers for Vamos a Nadar are being created

4)Credit card service has been explored. $300 required for purchase of the machine. Transaction cost to us is 2%, and a $2 processing fee would be adopted as it has become a standard with most public facilities. Motion made to act positively on this matter, passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30