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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 8 December 2009

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Liza Prunuske. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Members of the Public: Lisa Jacobs, George Trieste

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm.

Minutes of 19 October Board meeting were approved as amended by Virginia Porter.


  • Lisa Jacobs introduced herself. She is a Sea Serpent parent and is the new liaison with the Friends of Ives Pool Board.
  • George Trieste requested that Board items be kept current on the website.



  • Milton Fireworks representative requested a meeting with us. Lisa Jacobs reported that SSS remains very interested in continuing the fireworks sale and is setting up a fireworks committee.
  • Virginia is setting up quarterly meeting with SSS.
  • The annual State of the Pool Report to the city council went very well. Ricardo presented council members with very handsome Ives Pool water bottles.
  • Virginia shared an e-mail from Maren Heinze thanking the Board for the extra time in the pool after aqua aerobics and for “staffing our classes with a great group of instructors.”

Pool Manager

  • There are now 34 annual passholders.
  • Lifeguard shifts are full.
  • The dehumidifier in the women’s locker room seems to be working well.
  • Over 200 people visited the website since the last meeting.


  • Income is up from this time last year. Expenses are up even more, but the overall balance remains positive.
  • Reasons for the increased income include that November was a good month because of the fine weather, natural gas prices are lower than last year, the new chlorinator and locker room space heater are more efficient.
  • Next on the repair list is a new boiler room heater for the showers.
  • The Board Secretary needs to go to Charles Schwab in person for a notarized signature to change the authorized agents on the account. The Board agreed that Alan, Virginia, and Liza should be authorized signators.


 Locker Room Update

  • STS promptly responded to Lynn Deedler’s letter, but then failed to maintain communication to set up a time to meet.
  • Terralite came to inspect the coving and agreed to prepare a letter stating that the STS work was of poor quality. Terralite is reluctant to bid on fixing existing bad work, but is willing to re-do it from scratch.

Next Steps with STS

  • Small claims court. Process is not easy, but it may be a good fit for this situation. Alan will get an application.
  • File another complaint with Contractors License Board.
  • Lynn will get a bid from Terralite to do all the work.

Annual fund/membership drive

  • Ricardo reports 46 members, including 16 new members.
  • $425 received so far for general fund, $60 for capital fund, $80 for scholarships, and $85 for Latino outreach.

Outreach and User Suggestion Box

  • Ricardo presented the new suggestion box and a design for the Board Bulletin. The boards will be installed after the locker rooms are painted.
  • At each regular Board meeting, Ricardo will report on the number of comments and present those that require Board attention. Ricardo will also bring the comments so that Board members can review them if so desired. Board members are also welcome to check the comment box during the month.


  • Alan presented the 2010 budget. It includes targets of $60,000 for the operating reserve and $150,000 for a capitol fund. Alan is pondering the operating reserve and may suggest that it be increased. Eric made a motion to approve the budget. Liza seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


 Rates for toddlers/families

  • Ricardo researched rates for toddlers/families at Finley, Ridgway, Healdsburg, and Petaluma and found that Ives’ rates were comparable or lower.
  • Non-swimmers at Ives (e.g. a parent watching children) now pay the junior rate.
  • The Board members engaged in a lengthy discussion about the potential merits and complications of a family pass and concluded that they were comfortable leaving the pricing structure as it is.

SSS insurance

  • Eric requested assurance from SSS that participants in swim meets who are not USAA members are covered by SSS insurance. Lisa Jacobs agreed to check with SSS.
  • Board members also questioned if Friends of Ives Pool was liable if SSS does not follow all provisions of insurance? If so, will our insurance cover our organization?
  • Virginia and Eric will meet with SSS regarding insurance and work together to make sure all foreseeable liabilities are covered. If amenable to SSS, we would like to see their policy.

2010 Goals, events, plans…

  • Great discussion about ideas and plans for 2010. Ideas include:
    • Ricardo’s top goal is an expansion of women’s locker room. Liza said she would look for grants.
    • More Latino outreach, maybe attend flea market for some weekends, reach into Roseland perhaps through SW Health Center, talk to Efren Carillo about ideas
    • Adult swim lessons in Spanish
    • Year-round shelter on the deck for both shade and rain
    • New office space

2010 Meeting Schedule

  • Board members agreed that current schedule (third Monday of month) still works.

 Next Meeting: Monday 18 January 2010, 6pm at City Hall

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm


Respectfully submitted, Liza Prunuske, Secretary