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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 9 August 2010

Sebastopol City Hall

In attendance: Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Alan Siegle, Liza Prunuske, and Ricardo Freitas. Eric Fritsch arrived at approximately 6:15.

Members of the public: Barbara Deedler, Debbie Wood, Gail Snyder, George Trieste, Lyn Lemaire, Tim Birney

Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm.


  • Lyn Lemaire reported that several people have asked for clocks in the locker rooms.



  • Virginia worked with Ricardo to address pool users’ requests.
  • She also worked with Liza on the Barbara Deedler request.

Pool Manager

  • Ricardo attended a Planning Commission meeting regarding plans for Ives Park. Concern was again expressed about better screening the pumps and related equipment on the east side of the pool with a different type of fencing.
  • 40 children participated in July Vamos a Nadar.
  • Summer pool usage by the end of July was same as 2009. Ives does not seem as affected by the cool weather as other pools.
  • We now have 42 annual passes, the most we have ever had.
  • Pool will be closed 9/7-9/13 for maintenance.

Treasurer Report

  • Income is stable. As has been the trend, profit is down because expenses have been higher.
  • Alan reported that our bookkeeper extrapolated from records over the past ten years that the interest accrued to the Nancy Deedler gift is $6,314.
  • Barbara Deedler inquired as to why the interest is not shown in the current financial statement. Alan explained that the Board had not yet approved a separate money market report, but that he intended to make such a motion at this meeting.


Nancy Deedler Gift: Accounting

  • Alan made a motion to accept the bookkeeper’s audit and set up a separate money market account for the gift that includes the interest accrued to date and future interest earned. Eric seconded the motion.
  • George Trieste inquired as to whether this might set a precedent that all donations be managed separately. After discussion, the Board agreed that each case should be handled separately.
  • Tim Birney asked what would happen if the donation was never used for its intended purpose. Virginia explained that the Board had voted in support of further exploring the Nancy Deedler funds for the intended purpose of enclosing the alcove.
  • Debbie Wood asked if the Board should review the audit before approving it.
  • Alan amended his motion to agendize the auditing report for the next meeting and to set up a separate money market account for the gift that includes the interest accrued to date and future interest earned. Eric seconded the amended motion. The motion passed 5-0.
  • Gail Snyder inquired if there would be an explanation for how the accounting was done at the next meeting. Alan said there would be.

Nancy Deedler Gift: Request from Barbara Deedler

  • Virginia requested that Board members allow for public input before making a motion.
  • Virginia reviewed recent history. Barbara Deedler requested in February that the gift made by Nancy Deedler in 2000 be given to the Sonoma Community Foundation because it had not been spent. The Board decided to seek legal advice and obtained an opinion from Dennis Byrne in June that “it would be unlawful for WSCS to transfer funds that it has received for its use to any other organization.”
  • Alan spoke to the fiduciary responsibility of the Board that cannot turn funds over to another organization unless we cease to exist. Liza Prunuske compared the Board’s role to that of a trustee that must honor the intent of trust.
  • Lynn stated that the gift is no longer needed for its intended purpose and that the wishes of the giver have not been honored by the Board. He expressed that the Board’s obligations to the gift and the community were not addressed in the legal opinion.
  • Eric expressed that the opinion is clear and unambiguous in addressing the Board’s responsibilities to the Pool, and that the Board is not at liberty to give the funds back.
  • Virginia acknowledged that this process has been a huge learning experience for her. She apologized to Barbara Deedler for not fully understanding the Board’s role with regard to the gift when she and Barbara first spoke. She believes that the project will make the pool a better place.
  • Eric stated that it is time to move forward. He cautioned that it would be unwise for the Board to restrict itself to enclosing the alcove at this meeting as the Nancy Deedler gift allows other uses under specific conditions. He also reminded the Board that even if WSCS dissolves, any remaining funds must go towards swimming education purposes.
  • Lyn Lemaire expressed her concern that the Board was making a huge error and had not tried to work out an alternative arrangement with the Deedlers.
  • Tim Birney said that the Board had a legal opinion to say “no”, and also had the right to say “yes”. He would like to see the Board work with the Deedlers to do the right thing for the community.
  • Barbara Deedler read the statement that is attached to these minutes.
  • George Trieste stated that given that some Boards have lost money with investments in this financial climate, even a modest amount of interest in an achievement. Although the Board is late in spending the money, the Pool can still have a great project.
  • Lynn said that Barbara had approached the Board in a straight and respectful way and he does not feel the Board has returned that respect.
  • Liza acknowledged that there is great need in the community at this time. However, the terms of the gift were clear and as a director, she is responsible for fulfilling those terms for those specific funds. She is open to finding other ways for the Board to support community needs the Deedlers feel are urgent.
  • Alan reminded those present that attempts had been made in the past 10 years to spend the funds for their intended purpose.
  • Lynn said that the Pool now has such big reserves that the gift is not needed.
  • Virginia stated that reserves go up and down, and that the reserves do not yet meet the targets the Board set. She cautioned that reserves can be very fragile in this economy. One significant change, such as the loss of a highschool swimming team, could have a profound impact.
  • Lyn Lemaire questioned if any Board member had tried to figure out what the Deedlers would prefer to do with the funds.
  • Eric made a motion to deny Barbara Deedler’s request to turn over the Nancy Deedler gift to the Sonoma Community Foundation. Alan seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-1 with Lynn opposing it.
  • Virginia also expressed her willingness to support Lynn and Barbara’s ideas for community projects involving the Pool with non-restricted funds.

Swim lessons

  • Ricardo reports that swim lessons have been going well and the quality of the teachers this year is excellent.
  • Attendance is up from last year. He expects it to continue to grow as the population of children in Sebastopol increases.
  • He has scheduled three additional sessions of fall lessons for levels 1-3.
  • Ricardo noted that Petaluma now charges $105 for lessons.


  • VP asked if any Board members were willing to take on coordinating with SSS next year about the booth. No one offered.
  • Eric suggested that we approach City to see if they are receptive to transferring permit directly to SSS. If so, bring back to next meeting for a decision. Virginia offered to check with the City.

STS Follow-up

  • Lynn Deedler has not written letter yet. He will complete a draft in 2 days and get it to Board for review.
  • Board members should be ready to respond to letter promptly.

Facebook Page

  • Page will provide more ways for public to connect with us. It is an easy way to get information out quickly.
  • Administrator can monitor bad comments. Ricardo says he can do the monitoring in 10 minutes or so a day.
  • Eric emphasized that the intention of the page is to positively present the Pool and its programs. He also requests that we be clear that monitoring must occur so that the site remains consistent with this intention.
  • Liza moved that Ricardo set up a Facebook page to positively present the pool and its programs and that the page be monitored regularly to maintain that intention. Eric seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.


Salt water pool

  • A request was received from a pool user to consider salt water as an alternative to chlorine.
  • Ricardo does not have knowledge of any systems that are only salt. He is aware of pools that use bromine, UV, ozone, and systems such as ours that convert salt to chlorine.
  • Eric said that salt water creates different conditions for swimmers.
  • Liza suggested that Virginia let pool user know how our current system uses salt to create the chlorine.
  • Board agreed to continue to learn about and consider new systems.

Concrete on deck

  • Ricardo got a quote for repair of deck near blocks as identified in the public health inspection. Two areas totaling about 500 square feet need repair.
  • Quote is for leveling concrete with a finish as per the sample tile that Ricardo showed the Board. The quote is $2900 for both areas. Repair should last 5-7 years. After that, we only need to apply the finish coat which we may be able to do ourselves.
  • The City is aware of project.
  • Eric questioned if the City should pay for this work. Ricardo replied that City staff told him that because the deck was repaired by Pool volunteer, it was now WSCS responsibility to repair it.
  • Alan requested that we get a guarantee. Virginia requests that Ricardo get 1-2 more references. Lynn agreed.
  • Alan made a motion to authorize Ricardo, after checking for 1-2 more references, to accept the bid for the two areas and to request a warranty or guaranty. Eric seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.

Spanish language outreach

  • Virginia has been in communication with an organization that does Spanish-language outreach. She wanted to see if the Board is interested in further developing our outreach program.
  • Ricardo and Virginia discussed need to start outreach earlier in year, well before lessons.
  • The Board supported Virginia in further exploring this idea and bringing it back for further discussion.


Next meeting

  • Next meeting will be September 20.


Items of interest from Board Members

  • Lynn requested that the Board discuss the changes to the bylaws approved at the June 21 meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05.