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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 10 August, 2009

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Roger Klein, Lynn Deedler, Eric Fritsch. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Members of the Public: Lyn Lemaire, George Trieste

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm.

Minutes of 22 June Board meeting were approved as submitted.

Public Comment

  • Lyn Lemaire told the Board that a pool user had injured a finger in the entrance gate to the pool in May and had not be able to swim since the accident. The Board thanked Lyn for the information and agreed to follow up.
  • Lyn Lemaire submitted a page of suggestions to the Board which had been generated during the election. These included posting Board reports in locker rooms, adjusting fees for family swim to make it more affordable for young parents with small children, extending Sat. morning lap swim and opening pool on Sunday mornings.
  • Virginia noted these additional ideas: that we maintain a suggestion box at pool and that we discuss ways to increase cleanliness in locker rooms.

Alan agreed to place these items on the agenda for our next Bd. meeting.



  • Solar water heating for bath house: bids for solar water heater were higher than anticipated ($20K-30K), thus not cost effective for us to pursue at this point. Perhaps later on as prices fall and incentives increase.
  • Alan, after some initial confusion, received a definitive reply from P,G&E that our current rate structure is best (least expensive) for our pattern of electricity usage.
  • Alan & Ricardo have been approached by a member of the Board of the new public pool in Calistoga to visit their pool and share our experience with their Board.

Pool Manager

  • We have 2 new pool sponsors.
  • Dept. of Justice background checks complete for all employees 18 and older.
  • Fall swim lessons are scheduled to begin 1 Sept. There are to be 2 one week sessions.
  • Defibrillator has arrived. Lifeguards are instructed on proper use. Discussion regarding location of unit ensues: accessibility vs. security. Ricardo says that unit is kept locked and that all guards on duty carry keys on their person.


  • Roger presented current financial statements. Roger notes that our income is a bit down from last year, but that we are weathering economic times relatively well.

Old Business

 Swim Lessons

  • Swim lessons have been very successful, though our income down from last year. Parents’ comments have been positive. Many sign up for following session at conclusion of current session; this may reflect poor economy. Ricardo offering discount on lessons to those who are currently attending. Our lessons, at $45 per session, are least expensive in county.

SSS Contract

  • Virginia reports that contract not signed. Mike Swaney has resigned as SSS Board president. An SSS Board meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night, Tuesday. Alan and Virginia agree to attend in order to answer any questions the SSS Board may have.

New Business

 Fall Schedule

  • Aqua Aerobics. Ricardo notes that he is replacing the Tuesday evening class with a high intensity class Tuesday afternoon.
  • Week-end lap swim: Discussion regarding lap swim on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Lyn Lemaire renews request that lap swim begin at 7:15 Sat morning and be initiated Sunday morning also. The Board, noting that lap swim is well attended Saturday mornings, directs Ricardo to schedule lap swim Sunday mornings on a trial basis. The Board also reiterates its position that no changes be made to the week-end Aqua Aerobics schedule without full consultation of the affected class.

New Board Member Orientation

  • Alan & Ricardo to schedule meeting with Liza to familiarize her with facility.

Pool Closure Plan

  • The pool to be closed October 12-18 for repair of pool surface by STS, in accord with contractual obligations to the City.
  • Discussion regarding ongoing problems with bath houses regarding excess moisture and cleanliness. The Board authorizes Ricardo to engage a window cleaning service to clean the windows. Eric will talk to Paul Larkin regarding ways to reduce moisture in bath houses, including the possibility of installing a dehumidifier, and report back to Alan. Alan will find out what, if any, information the City has regarding the installation of exhaust fans high in walls above showers.
  • Lynn observes that the coving that STS applied at the floor/wall junction in bath house less than 6 months ago is delaminating in various places and needs attention. Lynn will follow up with STS. He noted that they had been responsive to our concerns previously only after we had been in touch with the Contractor’s State License Board.

Next Meeting: Monday, 21 Sept. 2009, 6pm at City Hall

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm

Executive session followed


Respectfully submitted, Eric Fritsch, Secretary