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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 19 April 2010

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Alan Siegle, Eric Fritsch, Liza Prunuske, and Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager.

Members of the public: Barbara Deedler, Lyn Lemaire, Gail Snyder, George Trieste

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

Minutes of 29 March Board meeting were approved as amended by Eric Fritsch and Virginia Porter.

Virginia requested that items relating the Nancy Deedler gift be handled at one time.


  • Lyn Lemaire advocated for early morning lap swimming on holidays and other special events that pre-empt the regular schedule.
  • Gail Snyder suggested that large signs be posted at the pool to notify users of schedule changes.


Multi Purpose Room

  • Barbara Deedler, trustee of the Nancy Deedler Trust, has requested that the $30,000 given by Nancy Deedler in 2000 be moved to the Sonoma County Community Foundation because she feels that the money has not been used in a timely manner. The money was given to enclose the sheltered alcove area to create a multi-purpose room, or for some other pool use with the consent of her son and daughter-in-law, Lynn and Barbara Deedler.
  • Barbara Deedler also stated that the line item showing the Nancy Deedler gift on our financial statements does not reflect accrued interest and it should.
  • Initial steps were taken about two years ago by the Board to start the project, but the project was put on hold when Lynn Deedler retained a designer without the consent of the Board.
  • Virginia Porter apologized on behalf of the Board for not moving more quickly. However, the Board invested the funds in a secure investment and has always intended to use the funds in accordance with Nancy Deedler’s request.. Several projects have been considered over the years that would have utilized these funds including the proposed new steps in the pool.
  • Lyn Lemaire and Gail Snyder expressed support for Barbara Deedler’s request. Lyn Lemaire expressed her opinion that the Board’s failure to act sooner on utilizing the gift funds was a breach of the Board’s duties.
  • George Trieste commended the Board for prudently investing the money so as to not lose any of it in the recession, and supported the Board’s preference for use of the funds.
  • Liza Prunuske expressed her desire to find a solution that worked for both the Board and the Deedlers. She asked Barbara Deedler if Barbara could see a way to use the funds for the Pool at this time that would be acceptable to her. Barbara responded that she believes there are other projects in the community that are “nearer and dearer to Nancy’s heart” and repeated her request to transfer the funds to the Sonoma Community Foundation.
  • Virginia Porter reminded the Board that this agenda item concerned the merits of building the multi-purpose room in the sheltered alcove, and is not specifically about the gift.
  • The Board voted unanimously to further explore building a multi-purpose room as envisioned by the Nancy Deedler gift.

Barbara Deedler’s Request for Fund Value

  • The Board voted unanimously to make a good faith effort to account for the interest accrued to the Nancy Deedler gift. Alan Siegle will work with our bookkeeper on this project.


Request from Barbara Deedler re Nancy Deedler Gift

  • Eric Fritsch stated that the Board has not lost sight of the intent of the gift and that the Board has a fiduciary responsibility to utilize the funds for the good of the pool community and consistent with the wishes that Nancy Deedler expressed in the letter accompanying her gift. Alan Siegle agreed, and added that the Board has never considered using these funds for anything other than the intent of Nancy Deedler.
  • Liza Prunuske requested that the Board obtain legal counsel on options and responsibilities.
  • Discussion was moved to closed session because this is a legal issue.
  • Lynn Deedler made a motion to continue discussion in open session. The motion failed for lack of a second.

Remaning Old Business items were held until next meeting.


Manager’s Report

  • Sea Serpents are planning to shorten their practice after the high school swim schedule is over. This could leave more time for lap swim and an earlier evening aerobics class one day per week.
  • The health inspector visited the pool. Overall, the report was good. The concrete area near the blocks will eventually need repair, although it was not deemed un-safe now. The exposed insulation in the men’s locker room and the uneven edges on the benches in both locker rooms should be covered. The City will handle both of these items.

NEW BUSINESS (resumed)

Summary of expenditures approved in October 2009

  • A total of $5,338 was spent on the locker rooms this winter including drywall repairs, painting, and the dehumidifier in the women’s room.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 1 June 2010, 6pm at City Hall.

Regular meeting ended at 7:50 when the Board adjourned to executive session.