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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 20 April 2009

Sebastopol City Hall


In attendance: Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Lynn Deedler, Eric Fritsch. Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm.

Minutes of March mtg. approved as amended.

Joel Neuberg, a swimmer, sat in on part of our meeting.



  • Alan met with Ricardo to discuss his new contract and job evaluation.
  • Dealt with the chlorinator, which failed shortly after last Bd. Mtg. New one has been ordered. Required numerous calls to Rich Emig and the manufacturer. The new one should be installed within 3 weeks. Includes training for pool and City staff. Payment is due 15 days after installation. Installation should not require pool closure. Alan received confirmation from the City that remaining payments on current generator will be waived.
  • Alan , Virginia & Ricardo met new City Manager, Jack Griffin. He was favorably impressed with the facility and its operation, noting particularly the diversity of programs we offer.

  Pool Manager

  • Pool has been very busy of late (unusually warm weather).
  • Many applications for instructors and guard positions received.
  • Lesson sign-ups began April 1; a little slow so far.
  • Approximately 30 annual passes sold this year—many more than in previous years.
  • DoJ background checks almost complete for all employees 18 and over.
  • 190 members to date.
  • Vamos a Nadar scheduled for Ives on June 20.

Ricardo requests that Board consider purchase of AED- defibrillator. He states that this device is more effective than CPR and can save life. The device costs between $1,000- $1,600 (depending on model). Ricardo suggests we consider the one the fire department uses. Annual inspection and maintenance is required. This may cost as much as $270. Should the Board decide to purchase one, Ricardo will ensure that all guards are trained in its use.

Joel Neuberg, who teaches first aid and CPR for the Red Cross, concurs with Ricardo that such devices are effective and can save life.

Someone suggests that we use money from capital improvement fund collected during membership drive for purchase.

Virginia moves that we authorize Ricardo to purchase a defibrillator model used by the fire department, that we use capital improvement funds to do so, and that we display signs indicating this to our members and other pool users.

Eric seconds. All in favor.

Virginia notes that she and Ricardo have met and have made much progress in developing the assistant pool manager position.

  • Ricardo says that the pace clock has new face, and has elicited many favorable comments. He says that he and Ron Blair collaborated on design.


  • Roger absent; Ricardo presented financial statements. Ricardo noted that utilities are actually lower than last year, only appear higher because of anomalous billing last year.
  • Roger, in e-mail to Eric, indicates that account with Wells Fargo nearly established, though he needs a copy of the minutes authorizing this action with his, Alan’s & Virginia’s signatures!

Old Business

Bathhouse Update

  • Lynn reports that STS has completed work in the bathhouses and done an adequate job. Lynn’s complaint to the State Contractor’s License Board seems to have had a salutary effect.
  • Lynn mentions that the lower walls of bathhouses need repainting. This seems to be a result of excess moisture. Alan suggests that this work be done when the pool is closed this fall for partial resurfacing.

Chlorine system update : see President’s report

Diving Blocks

  • Ricardo continues to search for suitable material with which to coat blocks for slip resistance. He notes that many pools have similar problem and some use towels to provide non-slippery surface. We will use towels until better solution found. Ricardo will try using safety strips as permanent solution.


  • Eric notes our Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance policy renews 10 May. Virginia will handle our renewal in Eric’s absence. Christine Leonard is our account manager at Gene Gaffney.

 New Business


  • Alan reminds us that our annual election cycle is beginning. This year Alan and Roger’s terms are ending.
  • Virginia, Lynn and Eric will form the nominating committee.
  • Alan indicates that he is willing to serve another term.
  • Eric will talk to Roger and draft an announcement to be posted at the pool and on our website.
  • Nominations will close at our May meeting. Election materials will be prepared following that meeting.

SSS contract renewal

  • The Board & Ricardo discuss the current contract and changes that we would like to incorporate in the new contract.
  • Virginia and Lynn will meet with the SSS representatives to discuss contract terms.

Swim lessons

  • Due to late hour, we will postpone discussion of this item until next Board mtg. Ricardo mentions that the Petaluma pool is to be run by a private company and that swim lesson fees will triple!

Aqua Aerobics

  • Alan both e-mailed and left a telephone message for Maren Heinze regarding possible solutions to the overcrowding of the women’s locker room at the end of class. He hasn’t as yet heard back from her.

May meeting date : Monday, May 18, 6:00pm, City Hall.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm

Executive session followed.

Respectfully submitted

Eric Fritsch, Secretary