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Friends of Ives Pool/WSCS

Board Meeting, 14 April 2008

Palm Drive Hospital


In attendance: Alan Siegle, Virginia Porter, Roger Klein,

Eric Fritsch. Lynn Deedler absent.

Ricardo Freitas, Pool Manager

Executive session preceded Board meeting.

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm.

Minutes of 20 February meeting were not available for review. They are to be reviewed at our next meeting.



  • Rebuilding Together will not be able to help us reconfigure the storage area: they only undertake projects that can be completed within a day. We may be able to take advantage of their services next year.
  • Marilyn Hughes, our bookkeeper, is advising the Board and Ricardo on bookkeeping procedures without compensation.

Motion: Virginia moves that the Board compensate Marilyn at a rate equal to half her normal monthly fee for the months she has been consulting with us. Roger seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Pool Manager

  • See report attached
  • Signs announcing summer swim lessons can be placed on city property. This will enable us to place signs easily at highly visible locations in the city.
  • Ricardo serves on the Drowning Is Preventable (DIP) sub-committee of the CPRS (California Parks & Recreation Society). He is attending monthly meetings of this group.


  • No report this month. We will have a report at our meeting next month.
  • Ricardo indicated that our bank account is healthy and that income and expenses are in the normal range.
  • Roger noted that AG Edwards has been bought by Wachovia Bank. Some discussion whether we might want to invest with a different company. No conclusions reached.


  • No report this month

Old Business

Bathhouse & Meeting Room action plan

  • No new information in Lynn’s absence—to be addressed at our next meeting.

Membership Update

  • Ricardo reports that we now have 195 members!!!
  • Virginia notes that this dramatic increase in membership is due to efforts of Ricardo and staff to encourage pool users to join.
  • The Board congratulates & thanks Ricardo and staff for this successful outreach.

New Business

Summer Swim Lessons

  • Ricardo reports that brochure has been mailed to previous attendees. Brochure modified to reflect our goal to teach water safety as equally important to teaching swimming strokes.
  • Lesson sign-ups have begun and are going well.
  • Katie Siegle and Mary Robinson, will co-ordinate the swim lesson program this year.


  • Our Director’s and Officer’s policy renews on 10 May. We are exploring other carriers.
  • Ricardo to keep certificates of insurance received from user groups in file at pool.


  • Discussion of the value of the sale of fireworks to us versus the effort of recruiting volunteers to staff the booth. Last year we made about $2,500.
  • We agreed to participate again this year. Virginia will get in touch with Beth Swaney, the fireworks co-ordinator for SSS.


  • Three seats to be contested this year-- those of Virginia, Lynn and Eric.
  • Virginia and Eric expressed willingness to serve again, though Virginia indicated that she was equally prepared to stand down in the interests of infusing the Board with the fresh perspective that a new member would bring.
  • Election process reviewed—Nominating committee composed of Board members not standing for re-election (Alan & Roger). Announcement of election and that Board is accepting nominations to be placed at pool and on website. Nominations to be closed at May Board meeting. Election to be conducted in weeks preceding the June meeting, with ballots to be counted at that meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Fritsch, Secretary

Approved 16 June 2008